1 thought on “Is Vica coin rising to 34 euros now?”

  1. No, go to the official website to check, the risk of micro -card coins is very high.
    Ito Card Coin China Company has confirmed that Vika coins are "direct sales", but they have not obtained domestic permits. In the list of 61 direct sales companies announced by the Ministry of Commerce, the reporter did not find the name of Weca coin.
    The virtual currency such as Bitcoin is an open source program. The parameters and methods of the total amount of restrictions are displayed in the open source code. This is to openly and transparently display the operating mechanism of the currency system. However, Vicana coins do not disclose their source code, which is the basic criterion for virtual currency in itself. "In addition, virtual currency such as Bitcoin is a scattered transaction formed by the market spontaneously. After forming a scale, a third party will be established to complete the transaction. Weaka coins are issued by themselves, and the self -built platform will be traded. Zi Xuwu has a currency with problems with the basic attributes of Vika. Investment risks are high, and investors need to be cautious. (Netease News)
    Bitcoin House Network and many mass media have also revealed that it has revealed the vitamin Card coin is a MLM scam under the guise of Bitcoin.
    Economist pointed out that Victoria Coin is a virtual currency with multi -level MLM, and the investment risk is extremely high. Participants must be cautious. (China Commercial Official Website)

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