Can I recover the money of minors playing games

Can I recover the money of minors playing games

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  1. Legal analysis:
    Yes. Online virtual game service companies cannot provide trading services for minors. Minors are generally limited to people with capacity for civil behavior. As long as there is evidence to prove that the operator of the game recharge is minors, then the money can be recovered. Online game virtual currency trading service enterprises shall comply with the following requirements: (1) not to provide trading services for minors; (2) not to provide transaction services for unleastered or filing online games; The user uses a valid ID to register and binds a bank account with the same registration information as the user; (4) After receiving notifications from the stakeholders, government departments, and judicial organs, they shall assist in verifying the legitimacy of the transaction behavior. If it is verified that it belongs to illegal transactions, it shall immediately take measures to terminate the transaction service and save the relevant records; (5) preserving information such as transaction records and account records between users shall not be less than 180 days.

    The legal basis:
    The natural person over the age of 18 of the "People's Republic of China" is an adult over 18 years old. Natural people under the age of eighteen are minors.
    Article 19 Minors over the age of eight years of age to restrict civilian behaviors, implement civil legal acts, or agree and recognize by their legal agents or their legal agents; however, they can independently implement pure benefits. Civil legal acts or civil legal acts that are compatible with their age and intelligence.

    The derivative problem:
    This in the game is charged with a lot of money to return? Generally, the situation cannot be refunded, but the minor recharge can apply for refund. The recharge of online games belongs to the online purchase of virtual items or virtual services. After paying money, enjoying the service or obtaining virtual items, the transaction is completed. To recharge rationally.

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