Why does Binance Linkdown fall and can't rise?

Why does Binance linkdown fall and can't rise?

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  1. The Binbancoin is referred to as BNB, a platform token issued by the Binance Exchange. The BNB-Bonancoin is a blockchain tokens.

    If according to the "Announcement on Preventing token Issuance financing risks", there is no approval digital currency trading platform in my country. According to my country's digital currency supervision regulations, investors have the freedom to participate in digital currency transactions on the premise of their own risk.

    This reminder:
    1. The above information is for reference only, no suggestions;
    2. Before investing, it is recommended that you first understand the risk of the project and invest in the project's investment. People, investment institutions, chain activity and other information are clearly understood, not blindly investing or incorporating funds. Investment is risky, and you must be cautious when entering the market.

    The Answee time: 2022-01-12, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

  2. These coins are MLM coins, and they all have the banner of digital currencies. These coins can be traded on the scammer's platform. When the highest price of the transaction, the scammers will create countless more coins in the background, so The price is of course a decline. After a period of time, after the scammers transfer the money, this platform will be unattended, and your money may not be mentioned.

  3. Linkdown means leverage short Link. It is falling because it is short. Link has been rising recently, so it has fallen.
    must be link down before Linkdown will rise.

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