1 thought on “Does Coinbase need ID card verification?”

  1. If necessary, Coinbase requires users to provide access to the network camera when registering. It requires users to turn on the network camera to take their photos and submit them.
    1, Coinbase's verification method has been continued for some time. Jumio is an online mobile payment and identity verification company. It launched a new facial recognition technology in September 2013. Recorded, Jumio's BISON Bitcoin certification security open source network, for the Bitcoin exchanges and global ATM suppliers, the article also pointed out the future number.
    2. According to the sharing plan, it may be optional or unswerving. The data is often collected when you do n’t know. The article continues. And fraud attempts to update regularly in the network.
    3, Coinbase's verification process and verification process formed a sharp contrast, which can be registered in less than 2 minutes. The subsequent email contains a link. Register, an anonymous and effective email address is enough. On February 12, 2017, in the article of Bitcoin, Jamie Redman said that there is an option that can upload ID cards, driver's licenses and phone numbers to verify the identity. Verifying identity information does increase more trust for purchasing and sales Bitcoin, but users can also choose to withdraw from these verification processes and still trades on the platform.

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