Where can the anime badge be used

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  1. Can be used to collect or put it on the bag as an decoration or something.
    The anime medal is the product of the development of the animation forum. It can also be said to be developed from the forum medal, but it is different from the previous forum medal. It is a commodity or collection in the hands of members, which forms a characteristic of anime forum.
    With the widespread use of Shuiyue V6.0 Special Edition Medal plug -in, members can buy the medal by using the virtual currency of the forum. According to their preferences, they can also customize their favorite medals at a high price. A kind of entertainment game.
    Anime badge style Introduction:
    The anime medal is basically the same as the general forum medal style. Generally, the branches and the ornaments are two parts. Gorgeous, different from the limitation of the general forum medal.
    This, the members of the forum can choose to buy their favorite anime character medals according to their preferences. Therefore, when entering the medal store of the anime forum, it feels like entering the boutique house. Of course, there are also some forums taking personalized routes, making pendants, crystal balls, cards, etc.

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