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  1. Blockchain is an epoch -making, revolutionary innovative technology, which will profoundly influence and even change everything we are familiar with from all aspects. So is there a large number of jobs that will disappear from the world? At that time, the birth of a computer also took the job of many people, and on the other hand, it created a lot of new opportunities and new positions. "Procedure coders" are not unfamiliar, and software and its surrounding industries have formed a large -scale industry. The emerging jobs that have been spawned are an astronomical number. Beijing Miqi Mobile Technology Co., Ltd., a professional blockchain development company, welcome exchanges and cooperation.

    The computer, so is the blockchain. With the popularization of this technology, bank staff may lose their posts, and the bank itself may disappear. When the current children grow up, maybe there is no need for "going to the bank", and a mobile phone can get everything. In fact, the post office is a typical example. I believe that many young people now do not know what the "post office" is. Today's post office may be the bank of tomorrow.

    In order to catch the blockchain fashion, many people are keen to invest in various "virtual encrypted digital currencies". They also invested so many real gold and silver I don't know, this blind investment is tantamount to gambling. Now, including Bitcoin, the market prices of various virtual crypto digital currencies generally have the problem of volatility. Blood -making compensation is in an instant, and this characteristic product is often extremely unreliable, and the value of investment is extremely low. Those who are keen on "virtual digital currency" trading today seem to feel that they are smarter and capable than the government. They can play with the so -called "currency" without the authorization of the state machine. , Even make a lot of money. However, after all, national machines are national machines, and laws are law after all. After all, game rules are game rules. Trying to call the country with the country is tantamount to praying arm as a car.

    It do not think about it, what will happen if the government has banned transactions and virtual digital currencies. No country's position to tolerate sovereign currency is challenged, which will trigger a huge chaos in the financial order of a country. The world of virtual digital currencies, whether it is the preservation, management and use of currency, or supervision, coordination and maintenance, everything is carried out in computer and network space. In particular, China is even considering the issuance of sovereign digital currencies based on blockchain technology. Over the years, the "cashlessization" of Chinese society has developed to an amazing point. The mobile phone payment is omnipresent, and it is difficult to use cash even if you take a taxi. So in the near future in China, cash is likely to disappear or approach infinitely.

    This background has created an excellent condition for the central bank's issuing digital currency. The popularization of digital currencies is good for the government. Due to the traceability of blockchain technology, anyone, any details of any transaction will be serious at the central bank. This can greatly solve many financial industries, money laundering, tax evasion, gray income, and so on. With digital currency, the interaction between the government and the people may penetrate more. For example, if your child buys too many game software or is not suitable for his age, parents may receive SMS reminders so that you can educate and manage your child in a timely manner. There are many things that sovereign digital currency can do. Even the details of living details such as too greasy diet, excessive drinking, and excessive smoking are included in the government's refined management category, which greatly promotes the well -being of citizens and the entire society. Even privacy will be highlighted, and the process of solving this problem will synchronize with the development process of society itself.

    The all this can only occur in computer and network space. This is the basic feature of digital currency. Even so, ordinary digital currency and sovereign digital currency are two different things. In other words, sovereign digital currency is the government's behavior and the product of national machines, while general digital currencies such as Bitcoin do not have this nature. Therefore, it is definitely a big misunderstanding that the government behavior's support for blockchain technology and sovereign digital currency as Bitcoin or other virtual digital currencies is definitely a big misunderstanding.

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