What is the relationship between Master and Afa Dog?

1 thought on “What is the relationship between Master and Afa Dog?”

  1. Master is likely to be the new version of "Afa Dog". In the early morning of December 30, 2016, the Twitter Account Science News released a tweet with the content -AlphaGo: "Now, I am the master". It seems that "Afa Dog" has become a "master" and returned to the rivers and lakes.
    Master has continuously swept many professional masters in the chess scene, and won 58 games. The momentum of winning victory is no longer blocked, and Nie Weiping, the "Qi Sheng", also played today. Although the challenge failed and gave Master's 54th victory, the chess fans still thumbs up for Nie Lao's dare to play.

    "Go is far from what we imagine, and there is huge space waiting for us to dig. Alfa dogs, master Leading. "Lao Nie sent out such a classic emotion. It is not recommended to engage in human -machine warfare of human chess players and Master, and he believes that the gap is too large and there is no suspense, and it is of great significance to engage in the Go human machine war. Nie Weiping said: "It's like letting Chinese football play with Brazil and German teams. In the year, they won AC Mirang? People came to travel for vacation. That is the main force of the Japanese national team. But. "
    Who did Ke Jie take the first Chinese Go? It doesn't seem to be. Just as "Afa Dog" in March last year, "Afa Dog" was abused by Li Shishi, Ke Jie also declared that even if it defeated Li Shishi, he couldn't win me!

    Master will fight back step by step. The well -known musician Gao Xiaosong was sorrowful, and even felt sad about AI's overall overwhelming human chess player, and thought that music and poetry were ruled by machines one day. Of course, only breaks can prevent Master.

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