Where can I play virtual online pets?

Don't spend money, be able to raise kittens and puppies!

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  1. QQ pets are very good, but if they are well raised, they will not have to rush to Q coins. Some people are well raised. They do n’t rush QB and listen to fun.

  2. I went to the game network to see such a game, I really want to be "Virtual Life". You can also get married and have children ~~~~~~~~

  3. Raising QQ pet
    The basic common sense of pets will be told to you, and tell you how to upgrade quickly in conjunction with your own experience. (In the absence of Q coins), I hope it can help you!

    . Basic situation:

    1. Hunger value (affected by the value of mood):
    ① Consume 2 points per minute, consumption per hour, consumption per hour, consumption per hour 120 points
    ② mood value generally consumes 4 points per minute, consumes 240 points per hour
    2. Clean value:
    ① Consume 2 points per minute without working, consume 120 points per hour, consume 120 points per hour ,
    ② 3 points per minute during work, 180 points per hour,

    3. When will it feed:
    It may be sick.
    So when the hunger value is less than 900, you can feed the Mermaid, not less than 720.
    4. When is it washing:
    because of cleaning u003C1080 points, so as much as possible to wash with a towel as low as 2000, the cleaner the better.

    5. What food feeds: Meinianda ( 900 hunger 15 wisdom) 50 元 宝
    6. What daily necessities: towel ( 720 clean value) 20 ingots
    n n n n n n n n n n n n
    7. Do not work consumption (full mood value): 10 ingots/hour
    Clean value: 20 ingots = 720/120 = 6 hours, the average consumption of 3.333 ingots per hour
    hungry value: 50 ingots = 900/120 = 7.5 hours, the average consumption of 6.667 元

    8. Work consumption: 18.33 ingots/hour
    Hungry value: 50 ingots = 900/240 = 3.75 hours, an average of 13.33 ingots per hour

    9. All workers: level 30

    2. How to quickly raise pets?

    The 500 ingots sent by TX (Tencent) are recommended. As we all know, work at low levels is very lost, so do not rush to work before level 5. Many people have proved it with numbers, and it will only affect the growth rate.
    In this period to tease pets and keep your mood full. You can raise it to level 8 without working.

    This can continue to be raised to level 8, and then start working to save money while working. Don't wait for the money to work, and make your baby hungry or frozen because you can't afford anything. Once you get sick, you will have no bottom hole. Consider money and growth values ​​to level 10 at the fastest speed.

    The work per hour is 28 ingots. There is nothing to say, so you can eat and test it. Don't spend money and pet attributes!

    15 or above: Consider marriage or enjoy the happiness brought to you by pets.

    three. Specific details:

    1, hanging up! Do you all feel that raising pets is too annoying? I have to order it again for an hour. If you grow up for half an hour, you have to tease it, and everyone cannot be separated! I used to be so raised to level 10 before, that tired! Fortunately, I found the secrets now. You see the pets on the ranking of 48 o'clock a day, isn't the owner sleeping? Look at it 24 hours? Therefore, we must use plug -in to raise pets. I tried a few types. The Q pet nanny is pretty good. You can search online or find me.

    2, see a doctor. I used to think this was not important, but I accidentally got sick! gosh. Waste more than 200 Dabao before and after! This is why everyone leaves 300 ingots for backup. Pay attention to seeing a doctor: There are many information on the Internet. I bought the medicine (20 ingots) for the baby on the Internet yesterday to save 50 yuan of diagnostic fees. Then I still have to look at the doctor. Now I spend 80 yuan to buy medicine! So go to the hospital when you get sick, don't lose your big loss! One more thing to pay attention to: Many situations when they are sick are very low, and the cleaning value is very low. Remember to get the illness first before feeding. Because the value of the medicine will be dropped wildly, it is estimated that the loss is above 50 yuan! I am personal experience!

    3, about mood value
    It will only be 3 when working, 1 o'clock per hour. It is best to choose to work for half an hour, because if you fall down halfway (TX earns so much money, the Internet is still so bad!) It will be big. If you do n’t earn Yuanbao, you do n’t say it, consumption is twice as usual! In addition, if you are in a bad mood, let him work, because growth and consumption are the same, you can also earn ingot! Do n’t go online frequently. When you come up, you are in a mood 3. It takes five minutes to get 6 to change 6. Of course, it is slow to grow! But this method is really the fastest, not to spend QB.

    4, wedding and raw egg
    must be level 15 or more. You can give birth to your baby 100 hours after marriage (natural time is not online time). Relevant inquiries go to the Da goat church.

    5. As for QC, what will tell you, such as tired, say you cruel, if you want to learn, you should not care too much. Essence As for the modification of QC data in the pet community, my home.

    6, the first cure QC will attach a house, a soul Dan and 500 ingot. It is important to use 500 ingot. If you don't want to spend Q coins, you have to pay more attention. The general sentence is saving and saving.

    7, do not buy pet dazzling, do not buy dress, do not buy toys, these will only waste Q coins and ingots.

    . Introduction of pet situation

    1. The maximum remaining value of the work
    When working, it consumes 18.33 ingots/hour (see the first point):
    working Get
    1-4, 20 ingots/h, and the remaining 1.67 ingots (the reason for not working before level 5)
    5-9, 24 ingots/hour, the remaining 5.67 ingots
    10 —— -14 level, 28 ingots/h/h, remaining 9.67 元 元
    15-19, 30 ingots/hour, remaining 11.67 元
    20-24, 32 ingots/hour, remaining 13.67 元
    25 —— Grade 29, 34 ingots/hour, remaining 15.67 ingots
    30 or above, 36 ingots/h, remaining 17.67 ingots

    2. Pet level information
    Grade growth values ​​per level Growth value added value
    01 1 2 1
    02 3 3 2
    03 6 5 2
    04 11 7 3
    05 18 10 44
    06 28 14 3
    07 42 17 4
    08 21 5
    09 80 26 5
    106 31 6 n11 137 37 6
    12 174 43 7
    13 217 50 8
    14 267 58 7
    15 325 65 8
    16 390 73 9 9
    17 463 82 9
    18 545 91 10
    19 636 101 10
    20 737 111 11
    21 848 122 12 n22 970 134 11
    23 1104 145 12
    24 1249 157 13
    25 1406 170 13
    26 1576 183 14
    27 1759 197 14
    28 1956 211 15
    29 2167 226 16
    30 2393 242 15
    31 2635 257 16
    32 2892 17
    333165 290 17
    34 3455 307 18
    35 3762 325 18
    36 4087 343 19
    37 4430 362 20
    38 4792 382 19
    39 5174 401 19
    40 5575 401 0 n
    3. The number of times and time corresponding tables:

    Colonal number of times to get the time (hour) of the next application egg

    1 ————————— starting time at the first time of marriage r r nrn2 ———— 150 rn3 ———— 180 rn4 ———— 300 rn5 ———— 350 rn6 ———— 500 r n7 ———— 500 rn8 ———— 500 rn9 ———— 500 rn10 ———— 500 rnrn注: rn1)结婚戒指Only when you use it when you get married, you can't use
    2) The love value is only related to the growth value (the specific calculation method see the formula) can only use one ring
    3) when you get married Love value, the calculation of the love value of both pet couples is equal to the love value brought by the ring (the current growth value -the growth value during marriage)* 10

    3)? n Answer: The sum of the number of pet eggs and the love value of parents
    1 0 ~ 11,500 per person, my father has MM eggs, the mother has GG eggs
    2 11501 ~ 21000 a total of 4, how much is the value of love value. The value of love is high, and the more
    3 21001 has a total of 6. According to how much love value, the high love value, the multi -pets with a point of love increased by 10 points.

    5. Almighty to keep pets and answers!
    Question 1: If you get a divorce, you will get married with the original. Can you still have to find a new one?
    Answer: You can also have eggs with the original or find other knots, but MM only has 10 opportunities for eggs in his life.

    Questions 2: Hunger often exceeds 1800 (such as 1804), will it soon get sick?
    Is: Generally, it will not be sick, but it is recommended not to do it often. It is easy to get sick at 200 o'clock, everyone should pay attention.

    This Question 3: Do you have to buy a ring? Can you buy a ring to propose?
    Answer: One of them can buy a ring to propose.

    Questions 4: How much is related to love value, is it based on the sum of love value between the two parties or the love value of one party?
    Answer: According to the love value of the two parties, the value of love value value with regard to.

    This Question 5: If you find another marriage after divorce, will there be less eggs born?
    Is to answer: The attributes will not be less, the attribute depends on the attributes of both parents Essence

    Questions 6: Sometimes pets are working for more than 60 minutes. Will I pay for the pet at this time?
    Answer: It is recommended not to exit, work to 60 minutes Tencent, It is confirmed and will be notified by the q bubbling box; if the withdrawal risk at this time will be great, because it does not know that Tencent has confirmed.

    Question 7: After the pet died twice (no soul is returned), can I buy it?
    Answer: You can buy it, the system will automatically prompt, but you need Spend 400

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