In terms of macro and micro, the cause of Shi Yuzhu’s success and failure

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  1. The re -rising Shi Yuzhu is like a mystery. The reason why people are suspicious is that many contradictions that have been carried on his body: his former “China’s first negative” is in sharp contrast ; His marketing theory of “ignoring industry rules has never been ignored” has created his success, but this success is incomprehensible; the external impression of his “lonely” and “mature stability” and “masculine”, “masculine” The internal evaluation is actually two contradictory conclusions.
    Recently, this legendary business giant responded for the first time: “The past failure of the fate of failure and the failure of the strategy, I am now pursuing perfectionism.”

    Shi Yuzhu, wearing red T -shirts and white sports pants, is eye -catching and eye -catching, and it looks very clean. He said that red and white are the two colors they love.

    This talk about the external evaluation of the outside world with dark and obscure colors. Shi Yuzhu frankly ridiculed and analyzed himself: “Because I used to be a loser. This may be Chinese culture. Silicon Valley failed to tolerate. Moreover, investors trust those who have a lot of failures and feel that you can avoid failure. In contrast, the domestic environment is not tolerant enough to the loser. ” The rules “

    In the Chinese business community, Shi Yuzhu created one” myth “after another.

    In the end of the 1980s, Shi Yuzhu borrowed 4,000 yuan in RMB entrepreneurial operation “Giant Hanka” and earned the first bucket of gold; in 1993, the giant launched a variety of products such as Chinese handwritten computers and became a place of ranking, becoming a place to live After the Sitong, the second largest private high -tech enterprise in China; in 1995, Shi Yuzhu was listed by Forbes as the 8th place in the Mainland; in 1997, the Zhuhai Giant Building brought hundreds of millions of debt to Shi Yuzhu. In the Mainland, “the first negative”; in 2000, Shi Yuzhu began to operate the “brain platinum”, and later announced as a “mysterious man” to announce the pre -sale of the pre -sale building owed by the Giant Building. The new rules of online games have made the number one user a year later.

    “Many people in the industry oppose me at the beginning, and then follow me. Because I did not despise the rules, I pondered the rules and created rules myself.” He said, “I said,” I am said, “I said,” I am said, “I said,” I am said, “I said,” I am said, “I said,” I am said, “I said,” I am saying, “I am said,” I said, “I am saying,” I said, “I am said,” I said, “I am said,” I said, “I me When playing other people’s games before, the action machinery when “playing monsters’ is really tired, which caused me to spend 3,000 yuan to hire someone to help me play monsters. The statement when I founded this kind of ‘playing monster’ rules was to allow players to pass through. Hard work and cherish the upgrade, but if almost all players oppose this “fighting monster ‘, this rule must have a problem, so I later advocated that the coffee cup'” Daping “, some people say that I destroy the rules. But now now Everyone follows my rules. “

    The same” industry rules “appear on store marketing of brain platinum. Shi Yuzhu’s proud work has been recognized by the industry. In shopping malls across the country, the position of the brain platinum, the color, and size of the fonts on the packaging box are just right. Its yellow and blue main colors are the most conspicuous and are imitated by many health products.

    The biggest reason for Shi Yuzhu’s impression on the “business wizard” of the outside world is that he chose the two best industries: health products and online games; second, he is a talented marketing master. But those who know Shi Yuzhu don’t think so.

    Liu Wei, the general manager of “Zhengtu Network”, a subsidiary of Shi Yuzhu, was the secretary of Shi Yuzhu when he went to the giant company 15 years ago when he went to the giant company. “He is indeed a very talented person, but this is based on his understanding of the market very well.” Liu Wei said, “Although he is a high IQ person, he is also a particularly diligent person.”

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