How much does the king glory Mulan get Mulan get?

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  1. One is to buy 18888 gold coins, collect 68 hero fragments, and then go to the new product in the mall, you can use hero fragments to exchange a complete Mulan. The glory of the king likes the abyss fierce fighting! Random heroes fight all the way! 5V5 fighting, passionate fighting, heroes are randomly selected. Everyone rushes to the middle, and the conflict is immediately sent! If you can escape the skill once, you may be able to fight a group to destroy the blood to the end!

  2. 18888 buying novice with gold coins
    1 1 making runes adventure
    The adventure all over you will have 20,000 gold coins
    R N, but now Mulan is not very strong at all.
    The six dollars to practice Zhao Yun, two seconds, two seconds per second, 8 seconds, a big trick n

  3. In 18888, if you buy a novice with gold coins, you want the official service of the gold coin game (Android and iOS platform). Different heroes have different attributes and skills. Each hero and heroes have 3 active attack skills and one passive skill. In the matching mode, players can use the heroes and heroes who have already purchased to participate in the battle.

  4. 18888 gold coins, 688 points, obtaining methods, directly buy
    more exciting at the 18183 King Glory Forum: BBS.18183/Forum-YXZJ-1

  5. If you buy a novice with a gold coin, you want gold coins if you buy a novice, or you can go to the cat to buy a flower Mulan and the skin with the skin

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