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  1. The operation of the empty order is to sell a certain empty order or position, and then it is expected to buy it at the low position. That is, when a certain product is at $ 50, an investor borrows the product from the exchange first, and then sells at a unit price of $ 50 in the market. After the price of the product falls, the investor will buy it from the market and return it to the market to return it to the market and return it to the market. Exchange. In this way, investors make a difference, and this operation is open.
    The expansion information:
    The stock itself is worthless, but it can be sold as a commodity and has a certain price. Stock prices are also called stock markets, which does not mean the amount of stock tickets. The amount of stocks of stocks represents the amount of money capital invested, which is fixed; the stock price is changed, and it is often greater than or less than the stock. The sale of stocks is actually the right to obtain dividends in buying and selling. Therefore, the stock price is not the currency performance of the actual capital value it represents, but a capitalized income. Stock prices are generally determined by two factors: dividend and interest rates. For example, there is a stock with a volume of 100 yuan, which can get 10 yuan dividends each year, that is, 10%of the dividend, and the interest rate at that time was only 5%. Then, the price of this stock is 10 yuan ÷ 5%= 200 yuan Essence The calculation formula is: stock price = dividend/interest rate. It can be seen that the proportion of stock prices and dividends has changed, and the proportion of interest rates changes.
    If the business situation of a company is good, the increase in dividends or expected dividends will increase, and the stock price of this stock company will rise; otherwise, it will fall. How to open an account for stocks: open an account at a securities company, and then open the relevant procedures such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Certificate shareholders' account card, capital account, online transaction business, telephone transaction business and other related procedures. Then download the online trading software specified by the securities company. Go to the bank to open a live account, and open the bank's transfer business to deposit the money into the bank. Turn money from the bank to the securities company's fund account through the online transaction system or telephone transaction system. In the online trading system or telephone trading system, you can buy and sell stocks. The account opening fee is generally the fee of shareholders' cards. According to the exchanges, the account opening fee of Shanghai shareholders card is 40 yuan, and the Shenzhen shareholder card account opening fee is 50 yuan. When buying stocks, you must entrust a securities company to deal with it, so you must find an securities company to open an account. Those who buy stocks cannot be bought and sold directly at the venue of securities transactions in Shanghai. This is the same as the second -hand housing buying and selling by an intermediary company.

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