How to get in Anke’s innovation? Will Anke’s innovation rising next week? Anke innovative stock historical dividend?

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  1. With the development of science and technology, we have begun to enter the era of intelligence. The demand for products such as mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, computers, and voice -controlled electrical appliances have also increased year by year, and the development of the electronic component industry is very fierce. Anke innovation with the largest domestic electronic consumption revenue has attracted the attention of many shareholders. Today, let’s talk about this company with everyone!

    . Before starting to analyze Anke’s innovative stocks, the list of leading stocks in the electronic equipment industry I have sorted out with everyone. R n
    . From the perspective of the company

    The company introduction: Anke Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. One of the consumer electronics brand enterprises, the main business is the independent research and development, design and sales of electronic consumer products such as mobile devices, peripheral products, and smart hard disks of its own brand.

    It is in the fields of AIOT, smart home, smart acoustics, smart security and other fields. Anke innovation has outstanding highlights. In more than 100 countries and regions around the world, more than 80 million users have more than 80 million users. Essence

    In highlights: excavate the iterative product of demand, successfully build multiple benchmark brands

    Anke innovation has its own strong research and development capabilities, supply and operation advantages, and improve brand penetration rates, improve the brand penetration rate, At the same time, with the footsteps of the times, there are more and more types, and multiple benchmark brands have been launched. In June 2021, in the “Brandz China Globalization Brand” list published by Kantar, Anke Innovation ranked 13th, and its five major brands also have a leading position in their own fields.

    In highlights: omnicinalized development, high -quality steady growth rate is expected to continue

    . In fact, Anke Innovation has strive to develop the local market in terms of sales channels. , Tmall, Pinduoduo and other mainstream B2C platforms have also expanded a variety of online channels such as Douyin and Xiaomi Youpin. Offline sales include large retail groups such as tax -free and airports. And on the premise of consolidating the North American and European markets, for emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, it is constantly strengthening expansion.

    The comprehensive linkage of online, offline, domestic, and overseas, Anke’s innovative sales channels can be realized, can provide strong guarantee, and continuously improve the company’s future performance.

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    . From the perspective of the industry

    Affected by the new crown epidemic, people’s consumption habits have also changed greatly. The business platform has also entered a new period of high -speed development. In the first half of 2021, China’s cross -border e -commerce imports and exports completed 886.7 billion yuan, a year -on -year growth rate of 28.6%, with a rapid development trend.

    In May 2021, as the Amazon platform further increased its supervision of sellers, and cleared a small and medium -sized sellers, which greatly affected domestic cross -border e -commerce companies ushered in new new ones. Challenges and opportunities, for companies with standardized operations, further improved consumer recognition. In addition, I also hope to obtain the dividend brought by the industry.

    . Summary

    Overall, Anke Innovation has excellent strength and has a dual domestic and international market. Increased, in the wave of globalization, Anke’s innovation has a good development prospect.

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