What kind of hair color for dogs to eat deepen

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  1. Dogs eat egg yolk, biomantin, lecithin to deepen the hair color. At the same time, egg yolk can supplement the protein nutrients needed by the dog’s body. Bioinin can help dogs explode hair. Lecithin can moisturize the root of hair, promote the healthy growth of hair, and reduce the occurrence of hair removal.
    The recipes of deepening dog hair
    The feeding an egg yolk every two days can not only supplement the dog’s nutrition, but also deepen the hair color and make the dog’s hair brighten. Pay attention to cooking the egg yolk and then feed the dog to eat it, which is more effective for bright hair.

    What hair color for dogs to eat, and the owner can also buy biologicalin for dogs to eat. Bioinin can not only deepen the color of the hair, and to a certain extent, it can also help the dog burst.

    The health products such as lecithin can also brighten the dog’s hair gloss, and further moisturize the root of the hair, make the hair grow more dense and smooth, and avoid a large amount of hair falling off.

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