Can I do antibody detection after a dog -playing rabies vaccine?

2 thoughts on “Can I do antibody detection after a dog -playing rabies vaccine?”

  1. Hello, in general, a qualified rabies vaccine is vaccinated throughout the process, especially if rabies have not occurred for more than half a month after serum or immunoglobulin, the chance of rabies vaccine failure Rabies occur. If you are really not assured, you want to know if the vaccination is effective, you can check the level of serum anti -rabies virus antibody in about half a month after the vaccine is vaccinated. After inoculation of rabies vaccine, the body can produce a variety of antibodies. The enzyme -linked immune adsorption test (ELISA) determines the total antibody, which does not fully represent a protective neutralized antibody level. It is recognized that the medium -to -neutron antibody per milliliter serum is equal to or more than 2.5 international units is the most reliable indicator of the body with anti -rabies virus ability. It is necessary to use methods that can detect neutralized antibodies. Class CDC is usually not done).

  2. You can use the Pete'an of Guangzhou Yueye creatures. You can detect whether the pets have rabies antibodies and whether the vaccine takes effect.

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