What are the ways to remove dog urine, the best way to remove dog urine flavor

What are the ways to remove dog urine and the best way to remove dog urine?

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  1. The dog's urine smell will make the entire room full of strong smell, and the more difficult to clean these urine stains and flavors, the more difficult it is to remove it from the walls, carpets, clothes, and furniture, which is extremely unpleasant.
    . Clear new urine stains
    1. Use paper towels to absorb urine as much as possible. After the dogs were found to be urinated, the scene was immediately treated to reduce urine in the penetration of carpets.
    2. If the urine is on the carpet, the pet -removing concentrator can be sprayed. We must cover the range of all urine as much as possible. According to the use of the product, the product slowly neutralizes the odor.
    3, spray clean water on the urine, and then take away these sewage with a vacuum -absorbent. If there is no vacuum water absorber, you can also use paper towels to absorb these sewage. But do not spray too much water. If the floor is not dry, it will easily cause mold to breed under the carpet. As a result, it is easy to infection with dogs.
    4, sprinkle some baking soda in a stained place, add additional deodorization effect. There is also the ventilation of the stains to facilitate the dried carpet and remove the odor. After air drying, remember to clean up baking soda with water or vacuum cleaner.
    . Clear old stains
    1. You can prepare an ultraviolet light first. Ultraviolet rays are generally disinfected and sterilized. Take out a few pieces of paper and mark it in a stain. Turn off all the lights at home. This can be easier to see stains. When you see white urine stains under the black light, you can make a mark there. When the lights are reopened, it will clean up and remove the odor one by one.
    2. If you have urine stains on the furniture, you can use baking soda and water to clean the urine furniture.
    3. You can spray a layer of distilled white vinegar in the cleaning place. This method is effective after the dog no longer peees at home, otherwise the strong ammonia taste may also make the dogs use these places as a bathroom again. Use a paper towel to dry the white vinegar, try to dry any sewage, and take away the residual stains and water. Avoid smelling the dog's nose.
    4. If the wind is dry, it still exudes a odor. You can repeat the above methods and continue to sprinkle some baking soda. Because after all, urine stain staying for a long time, it is inevitable that it will be difficult to clean up.

  2. If a dog is raising a dog at home, it is basically the same reason that the dogs are too angry because it is too angry to eat the dog.
    . If you are still in the developmental stage, two months of puppies, when giving the puppies with milk powder, if you do not have the water volume, it will be very strong. After the concentration is discharged, the urine smell will become yellow.

    If for three or four months, puppies have begun to eat dog food. Okay, if you are not sure, you can buy a measuring cup for puppies when you flourish milk powder.

    Is when dogs are adults, unlike us humans, they eat salty or spicy, fried, and it is very easy to get angry. If you eat dog food for dogs, do not eat too much dog food with high fat fat content, and do not give it leftovers leftovers and people's snacks. In short High -calorie, high -salinous foods are just right for dogs.

    , the best way to remove dogs in the home is to bring dogs to the outdoor excretion. This is a small trick that can fundamentally remove the taste of dogs. Generally, dogs will be excreted in about half an hour after eating. When you see the dog's trap in place, you can take the dog to the outdoor to defecate in time, so that the dog's urine taste is not so heavy,

    If you haven't started training dogs to urinate fixedly, the dog will follow the smell of urine and like to pull the urine everywhere. In this way, there are many places in the family. The taste could not be scattered. At this time, you can use Wang to remove the deodorant spray to clean up. After cleaning and hygiene, spray it a few times in the place where the dog's urine taste is particularly heavy.

    It, we must keep the home often ventilated and plant some flowers and plants to purify the air.

    Is to help you!

  3. If the urine of the dog is very yellow, it will have a strong taste. This is a big relationship. It should be a problem of diet. It should be angry. To improve the problem of the dog's urine, you can start with your daily diet. You can give it some natural food or ecological dog food. Usually give dogs more fruits and vegetables. Pay special attention to the supplement of water. Put a few water absorption paper or newspapers in time after the dog urinates or urinates. After cleaning up the urine of the soil dog, you can spray some Wangxiang at the urine. It is best to train dogs to urinate fixedly.

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