2 thoughts on “Which is the smartest and best for small dogs?”

  1. 1. Poodle poodle ranks second in the dog IQ ranking. The mini poodle and toy VIP are the breeds that many people like to raise. These little guys have strong learning ability and are particularly easy to train. They are good at all kinds of Dog exercise. Some surveys show that Funnel is currently suitable for dogs that are very suitable for raising in cities, and it seems to be a breed of breeds with the largest number of people in China. 2. Butterfly dog ​​butterfly dog ​​is a small dog. Their name comes from their ears like butterflies. Although they may not exceed 10 pounds even after adulthood, they are not timid and shy at all. This dog is very clever and good at all kinds of dog sports. 3. Panbulukwells Corgi Dog Panbulukwells Corchi is a shepherd dog. Their previous work was mainly used to drive the cattle, and sometimes it was used as a universal farm dog. Essence This is a cute, active and smart dog. Don't look at them as short legs, but also the movement of many dogs. 4. Mini Sherry mini Sherry is more like a stalk in essence. They are more naughty and active, but it is easier to train. 5. Shiqi Parker Hede Parker Dog is a small Belgian dog and also belongs to a shepherd. Don't look at them small, it is indeed a very strong fire puppy. They like to live in a family full of active atmosphere. In a sense, they are also excellent dog sports competitors and are easy to train. 6. Coco Dog Kaka dogs have British Kaka dogs and US Kaoco. In some people's impression, they are stupid dogs, but in fact, this kind of dog is relatively easy to train. 7. Bomei Bomei is a small dog. They are mainly raised as family partner dogs. This dog is small and lively, and also likes to exercise and do some appropriate training. Don't look at them a small one, they are easy to train, and they can even participate in some dog sports games.

  2. Teddy dog. Flexible and active, small food, humanity, light and cute, and are loved by people because of strange shapes. Corgi. Having natural and cute traits, short legs, small activity, like quiet and stupid, loved by the elderly. Poodle. VIP dogs are very human -natured pets, and they are extremely cute. They usually like to stick to the owner and coquettish, and are loved by most people. Pomeranian. Pomeranian dogs are well -known and loved by friends. Pug. The Yaobu ​​is our commonly known Haba and they are cheerful and lively, and they are clever. Therefore, parents are relatively simple when they are raised. French bullfighting. French bullfighting dogs are good for children, and they are also sturdy and strong in Samoyed dogs. Samoyed's pure smile, shiny eyes and enthusiastic face

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