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  1. French bulldog is a lively, clever, muscular dog, with heavy bones, smooth back hair, compact structure, and small body shape. The expression looks vigilant, curious and interested. Dog breeds are relatively easy to train, so they are also loved by people. If the pet owners consider French bullfighting dogs as pets, then pay attention to the following four points of feeding precautions:
    . The environment of French bullfighting dog breeding:
    (1) As long as the indoor temperature is maintained at about 25 degrees, the usual home environment, doors and windows are opened, and the cold tiles can be cool to sleep. He turned over to the electric fan.
    (2) French bullfighting dog has a short hair, which means that this variety is not suitable for cold weather. If you live in a cold climate, you must provide additional protection for French cattle dogs. This is actually It's quite easy, just wear a warm clothes for dogs.
    . Common diseases of French bullfighting dogs:
    (1) French bullfighting dogs have a certain variant dwarf, so they are susceptible to intervertebral disk disease, osteochondritis, hip joint development, spinal deformity,, deformity,,, deformities,,, deformity, Intervertebral discruits, spine bales, reproductive problems. These are their common diseases. Before raising, you must prepare for thought!
    (2) Some people say that French bullfighting dogs are the products of some stalk dogs and the alarms, and some people say that it is a product of a gnome Bulls and other dogs. It still leads to a series of health problems of the bullfighting dog. One of the fatal disadvantages is the short nose, which will affect the ability of the French fighting and regulating body temperature. For this reason, the summer heat stroke French bullfighting dog is a high -risk dog breed. To ensure the guarantee Dogs are not exercising in hot or sultry weather.
    . The training of French bullfighting dogs:

    French bullfighting dogs do not need to master too much skills training. It only requires some basic training. When training, remember to give it right to give it. Some rewards, such as rewarding some snacks (chicken jerky, duck jerky, etc., can be used for calcium with dogs), you must correct it in time, and give some punishments at the scene.
    (1) Training the French bull dogs without any place
    French bullfighting dogs smells on the ground and smells the signal to be pulled. At this time The collapse of the waist indicates that you want to urinate (the male dog will urinate on the side when he grows up, and when you are young, he still squats to the ground). At the prescribed place (the place where the departure is too close, but it should not be too far, so as not to be too late. It will be more appropriate at the beginning of 2-3 meters). Put it in a newspaper and guide when the dog is about to pull Come on the newspaper. Once you pull it, you must praise the dogs with a gentle and exaggerated tone and give some snacks (such as: chicken jerky) rewards. If you pull the wrong place, you need to scold the dog in a severe and decisive tone, and roll it into a dog with a newspaper to hit the dog, or knock on the place where you can make a loud noise, or pick up the skin of the dog after the dog. During the dog's pull, he was grasped. Otherwise, the dog will not understand what the owner is scolding. French bullfighting is not long -term and requires more education.
    (2) Training French bullfighting dogs cannot bite things
    It to grasp the current, you can hide aside to observe, and immediately rush out to educate when you find that bullfighting dogs make trouble. When the bullfighting dog is not troublesome when people are, people will mess up when they leave. Or you can hide aside, and use things to throw it with things when the dog makes a mistake. French bulldogs are very endurance, or people are in good control.
    . Precautions for diet:
    (1) French bullfighting dog is very suitable for home care. This variety does not require a lot of exercise. Although some individual fighting exercises may be found, most France may be found in France. Bill fighting dogs are low -energy dogs. Because this variety is unlikely to have a lot of energy, it is necessary to adjust the weight of the bullfighting dog by feeding high -quality and high -calorie diet.
    (2) Diet in a fixed place, regularly feed, and no picky food care. In addition, human foods are too greasy and too salty. The fighting fighting for human food for a long time is easy to get fat, and obesity is the fuse of many diseases, such as heart disease, pancreatic dirt, and even skin. Usually feeding dogs for dogs can solve this problem. You can choose some high -quality natural dog foods with low salt content. Add some vegetables and fruits.
    (3) Prepare clean water for dogs at any time. You can drink an appropriate amount of yogurt and help gastrointestinal digestion, but be careful not to be too ice, you should put it a little to drink it, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.
    I I wish the pet owner can raise a healthy French bullfighting dog.

  2. It depends on your law. How big is fighting dogs in a few months? Dogs from one month to two months are best to eat dog food. Use hot water or goat milk. The milk powder is softened together. It can also be appropriately increased with India. It is said that chicken breast beef beef must sleep, so that puppies can easily digest, and then put on some calcium tablets such as bone calcium tablets. Can't contact or eat some dirty things. It is important to drive insects and vaccines for 40 days.

  3. 1. Before adopting the French bullfighting dog, the owner needs to prepare a warm home for the French bullfighting dog and prepare professional dog food. French bulldogs are different from other dogs. French bullfighting dogs must choose professional dog food to feed. The owner decides that for the sake of trouble, he choose leftovers and leftovers for French bullfighting dogs, because human food has a variety of cooking raw materials. French bullfighting dogs cannot be eaten. The owner must keep in mind this principle.

    2. During the 4-6 months of Fa Dou, three times a day, and after 6 months, it can be reduced to 2 meals a day. Before the age of June, the bullfighting dog should try not to limit the amount of food. If the nutrition of the bulldog can not keep up, their body development will be limited. Never feed any soybeans. Because Niu Niu is different from ordinary dogs, the British bullfighting digestive system is very fragile. After eating compressed dog food, snoring or vomiting will occur.

    3, French bullfighting dogs cannot eat grapes, chocolate, pure milk, raw eggs, liver foods, poultry bones, ginger and garlic, spicy and seafood foods. The dog's stomach is very different from the human gastrointestinal, so you can't feed them at your own ideas, otherwise it is easy to cause the dog to get sick or even die.

    4, although the amount of exercise of the Dog Dog is not very large, it does not mean that it does not require exercise. If the dog is closed for a long time, and there is no chance to bask in the sun, it will easily cause the dog's nose to fade, serious hair loss, etc., so you should take the dog to exercise for 1-2 hours a day.

    5, the Dou Dou is a dog with a serious taste. You need to take a bath regularly, but you must not be too frequent. If you are too diligent, you will remove the fats that they protect. Instead, they will aggravate their itching and skin diseases, so the number of baths should not be too much. It is recommended to take about 2 times a month.

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