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  1. It is best to be dog food. Don't give it too salty and too heavy foods. Eating more salty is not only tear marks.
    The method of going to dog tears:

    It can be washed with the potion of tear marks.

    The yellowed hair.

    The insisted on washing your face in the morning and evening, and blowing dry after washing.

    In eye drops, if the inflammation is severe, you can use chlorine per vegetarian, but do not use it every day.

    This tears can not be removed a day or two. The most basic thing is to pay attention to diet. It is best to eat dog food. Don't give it too salty foods that people eat. Not only can there be tears, but there will also be dog skin (that is, equivalent to human dandruff), abnormal hair removal phenomenon, severe phenomenon of liver hydrology and liver edema.
    or dipped with cotton gauze dipped in the drinking tea. It will be obviously improved after a period of time.

  2. First of all, you must know the cause of the tears of the dog flow
    1, the diet noodles: The taste of the dog's food is important to pay attention to the tears marks. Change the dog food and find that the house is suitable for the dog food)
    2, fire: home dog urine Huangping is willing to drink water and tears can drink water, water, water and vinegar Add a few drops and add a few drops
    3, beauty problem: easy to find that the hair around the dog's eyes always goes around the eyes to stimulate the eye beauty hair without repair
    4, lacrimal glands blocking: more troubles need Slightly treating eye drops must be used to use Ronbert Tashi Vendon-Tears of Tears 25 yuan wrong. In addition, use Wedi et al. (Massage the corner of the eye must finish the eye drops and massage)
    5. Ear hair and ear dirty things are easy to shed tears; or home smoking or living environment is not good; the original dog's tears of dogs
    dogs tear marks:
    1, pet shops sell tear marks potion, try it r r r r r r
    2, yellow hair shear
    3, insist on warm water in the morning and evening, wash your face and wash dry
    4, tears marks and two capacity. Pay attention to diet noodles. Tears have a dog skin (dander in dandruff), hair removal, severely causing liver water puffiness
    5, or dipped in tea with cotton gauze to gently wipe the section of the section obviously

  3. The tear glands are a subsidiary organ of the dog's eyes. The main role is to secrete tearr to moisturize the eyeball. Under normal circumstances, the tear glands secrete tearr into the eyeballs and enter the nasal cavity through the tear duct. Tears flow from the corners of the eyes, and tears have been formed over time.
    The cause of the formation of tear marks of dogs
    . Diet
    This dogs are too salty to produce tear marks, so when you encounter this situation, first stop feeding dog food or food with heavy salt. Drink water. Try to eat lighter.
    S specific breed of dogs
    Due to the special appearance make the nasal and tear tube curvature, the amount of tears is limited. Even black eyes. And this situation generally appears in the dog breeds with short noses, such as Bago, Nishi, and Japanese puppet dogs.
    The hereditary
    The primary tear is too disease. It is a hereditary disease. Tears often secrete excessive secretion and therefore easily cause tears.

  4. What should I do if the dog has tears?
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  5. Dog dog tears treatment method
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