4 thoughts on “How to cut hair in summer”

  1. In the summer, Bomeo will retreat. Although it is often said that cutting hair is not good for dogs, it is better to cut it if you do n’t go out at home. Otherwise, our house will suffer, and the all -round hairs are flying.
    If you have a tool, you can cut it by yourself, you can shape it according to your preference. The tool is a pusher, which is sold online. If there are no tools in the family, they will be sent to the pet beauty salon, and the Bomei dog takes a bath and the cut hair is about 50 yuan. However, the landlord must explain to the beautician, do not cut Mao too short, otherwise they will stick to meat. Our dogs were cut by them. _
    The shape of the shape is usually the part of the cut body, leaving one inch long. The head is relatively flexible and not very easy to cut, and it is easy to hurt the dog, so keep it; if the tail of the Bomei dog is reduced, it will be ugly, so keep it; So you can not cut it.
    The landlord's reference.

  2. When I feel that the dog is not enough, I still try not to cut the hair, because the dogs after cutting the hair will lose their confidence in themselves, feel that they are not good -looking, and they don’t like to go out. This is just my personal opinion, it is not necessary to adopt it, thank you!

  3. Still don't reduce it, the dog will remove hair in the summer, take off the fluff, and the remaining layer of sunscreen and heat dissipation

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