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  1. 1. Yeping Red Tourist Area 5A Scenic Area
    Address: near the Ying Ping Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of Ruijin City, Ganzhou City
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    2. : Ersu Da Scenic Scenic Scenery of Ruijin City, Ganzhou City
    3. Hongjing Scenic Area 5A Scenic Area Address:
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  2. Can I bring the lighter to the train? Bian Xiao tells you that you can bring the train on the train, but you can bring up to two lighters, no more than two, but you do not allow them to use them on the train. You cannot bring the following items to take the train:
    1. Flammable, explosive, spontaneous combustion, explosion and toxic and other dangerous goods.
    2. State restricted goods for transportation.
    3. Items that hinder public health. 4. Animals and items that damage or pollute vehicles.
    5. Except for guide dogs, we cannot bring poultry and pets.
    6. The lighter can only carry two related items. According to the "Announcement on the Prohibition and Restrictions on Railway Station", the following items can be limited to carried:
    nail polish, elimination agent, hair dye does not exceed 20 ml, no more than 120 ml of cold and hot essence, motor, glue, pesticides , Air Fresh Prefecture and other self -spray pressure vessels. ; Safety match 2 small box; two ordinary lighters.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the attractions of Ganzhou (including the counties and cities under its jurisdiction) are mainly: 1) National AAAA -level tourist area: Ganzhou Tongtianyan Scenic Area, Ganzhou Baosu Farm, Yangling National Forest Park, Xingguo Feng Shui Cultural Scenic Area 2) National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit: Ruijin Revolution, the former site of the Ningdu Uprising Headquarters, Tongtian Rock Grottoes, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall, Kansai Xinwei, Yanyi Wai, Dabao Guang Tower, Ganzhou Magazine , The Central Red Army Self -March Departure Land (in Du County) 3) National Forest Park: Jiulian Mountain National Forest Park, Baishishan Mountain National Forest Park, Cuiwei Peak National Forest Park, Fengshan National Forest Park, Meiguan National Forest Park , Yangling National Forest Park, Wuxi Peak National Forest Park, Steal Water Lake National Forest Park 4) National Nature Reserve: Jiulian Mountain National Nature Reserve 5) National Scenic Area: Three Hundred Mountain Scenic Area 6) Provincial Nature Reserve: Chongyi Yangling, Chongyi Qiyun Mountain, Shicheng Ganjiang source, Dongjiang source -find Wuyu pimple mountain, Shangsanzhong peak 7) Provincial scenic spot: Ganzhou Tongtianyan, Longnan Xiaowang Mountain , Ruijin Luohan Rock, Da Yu Zhimei Guan Ancient Post Road, Shangzhong Water Lake, Chongyi Nie Dukin Cave, Huichang Hanxianyan, Ningdu Cuiwei Peak, Shangsan Five Fingers 8) Other attractions: Yu Gutai, Mudan Pavilion, Harmony Bell, Harmony Bell tower

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