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  1. Pet dog names: Lolo, Doudou, Mao Mao, Abao, Youyou, Sirius, Little Q, Doug, Xiaoghi, Barc, Agui, Charlie, Harry, Harry, Niuniu Sarah, Annie, Kaidi, Kailin, Xianzheng, Zhu Li, Hu Niu. Little Er, Bear, Black Edward, Rui Rui, Binbin, Yangyang, Fat Po, robbers, brand names, parallel imports.
    1, Alaska. Style: It is an ancient polar sled dog with strong muscles. The head is wide, the ears are triangular, the tone is large, and the width is gradually harvested from the root to the tip of the nose. Personality: Alaska sled dog is very friendly, belongs to “friends dogs”, not “lonely dogs”. They like to play with people and make friends with surrounding animals, but it is very lively and enthusiastic about human beings. Loyal and affectionate partners.
    2, spot dog. Style: Mrs. Dog Dog’s ideal height is 19 to 23 inches. Oversized or too small belongs to the loss. The length of the head is very coordinated with the length of the entire body. There are correct lengths and no loose skin. They usually have a good physique. The bones are strong and strong but not rough. Personality; it is a kind of peaceful and vigilant dog. It is lively and shy, and his expression is smart, but it has a docile nature at the same time. He likes to play with children and the elderly.
    3, Biens. The appearance: soft expression, deep eyes always show a curious and sensitive expression, the color of the eyes is black and dark brown, the ears are drooping and wavy long hair, the tail is rich in hairs, the hair on the tail can be carried back because of curls, which can be carried back in the back of the rear. Back, the back line is horizontal. The running action stretchs accurate and easy. Personality: It has high requirements for the environment and lacks companionship. Someone must have enough time to accompany it. It is lively and active. Every day, you must have a certain time to go out and play. It is lively and friendly. It has good memory and likes fun, but it is very fierce to treat people.

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