What are the experiences of buying dogs and pets, I am afraid of being deceived. I do n’t know how to ask.

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  1. Let’s talk about my own actual experience:

    “Five Views” is very professional. If you really pick it up, you will not know if you reach the standard of five viewing. Probably. When I picked the dog, I saw some points: the nose was wet. The dog with dry nose is basically abnormal. Look at the mental state again, I originally picked the most lively and lovely inside. His eyes were bright, running around, like to turn around, and he was always sure of other dogs. See if there are abnormalities in the walking posture, whether the hair is damaged, and whether the hair color is uniform. Better, don’t have too many eyes shit. Touch the paws, the pad in the middle is soft and good. I just watched this and bought it well!

    The dog I bought at the beginning for more than three months, playing the third seven -time vaccine, when I watched the seller’s injection. We use Intelway.


    The following is the reprinted information for Reference:

    This is recommended to get imported vaccines. The most commonly used vaccine brands: Intelway, Fugao, France, France
    The most commonly used vaccine types: dog nest cough vaccine, import six Lianlian vaccine (prevention of canine plague, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus, paragraph, hook -end spiral and small virus), imported dogs Qilin vaccine (six -united coronary virus), rabies vaccine.

    In immunity is not a good thing to take a shot. It requires certain procedures to achieve the best immune effect. The correct immune procedure should be: the first six (7th) vaccine injection of the dog was born in 8 weeks of birth. ; Dogs are born 11 weeks-2nd sixth (7) vaccine injection; 14 weeks of dog birth — the third (7th) vaccine injection
    Rabies vaccine should be injected alone at the age of March. What I want to do in the future is to inject one -shot hexagonal vaccine and a rabies vaccine each year.

    The dog picking dogs must be “five views”

    The comprehensive reflection of the mental state is the functional state of the nervous system and the health of the dog. Healthy dogs should be gods and flexible ears. When someone approaches, the response responses quickly, showing the initiative to be close or avoided. If the eyes are godless, the spirit is depressed, etc.

    It look at the overall: observe whether the dog’s actions are flexible, whether the gait is stable, whether the hair is neat and smooth, whether the muscles are plump and well, whether the limbs are symmetrical and strong, and whether there is clamor. For example, the body table has obvious scars, skin skin, hair removal, and pimples (small crickets) that indicates that the dog suffers from skin diseases (chigger mites, creep mites, skin fungal disease, etc.).

    It look at the eyes: The eyes of the health dog are bright and god, the eyelashes are clean and neat, and the eye circles are slightly humid. Many diseases of dogs are reflected on the eyes. Blinds of the eye conjunction (inner eyelid) are mostly signs of some infectious and thermal diseases. Eye conjunctival yellow stains (present beige) indicate that the liver of dogs may occur. The pale eye conjunction is mostly caused by various reasons. When the corneal (outermost layer of the eyeball) occurs, the white spots may be the middle and late stages of the canine plague, or the simple keratitis; if the corneal appears blue -gray, it is often possible to suffer from infectious hepatitis (also clinically called it This phenomenon is “hepatitis”). If there are too many eye shit, it should be noted that many dogs with canine plague and infectious hepatitis have this phenomenon.

    The nose: The tip of the nose and nostrils of the health dog should be moist and cool. If the nose is dry, the upper respiratory tract is inflamed (mostly caused by infectious diseases and thermal diseases). Such as obvious slurry, mucus, purulent nose flowing from the nostrils is the manifestation of some infectious diseases (epidemic colds, canine plague, etc.).

    This View the lower abdomen: The first time you buy a dog or a person who is not a good understanding of the dog often ignores this. If there is obvious spherical bulging around the belly button and the rear abdomen, most of the dogs have the result of umbilical hernia and scrotal hernia. Generally, surgery must be treated.

    What dogs can’t buy?

    Perhaps you will want to send a pet to a good friend, but if you do n’t have the experience of pets, how to choose a healthy dog? Let ’s teach you a few observation points to keep you who can choose a satisfactory dog!

    1. Do not immediately hold it up when you buy a dog. You should quietly observe its actions and postures. Do not buy those dogs who are desperate like a bereavement.

    2. Do not choose dogs with too obese and too large belly;

    3. Do not buy it if they are knotted or hairy.
    4. Do not buy the nose dry or runny nose;

    5. Those with too much white eyes, white eyes or dirty, and many corners of the eye, are unhealthy;

    6. Do not buy dogs with odor, dandruff or frequent ear tip of the ear canal;

    7. People with rosy gums and tongue are healthy, do not buy without bad breath;

    8. Do not buy skin hardness and thickness;

    9. Pay special attention to the bottom of the dog’s tail. If there is a “yellow seal”, it is a sign of diarrhea or diarrhea. Do not buy it.

    10. The skull, upper mandibular, mandibular bone, and then touch the spine and limb bones along the cervical vertebrae and do not buy it.

    11. Do not buy the dry cracked, too strong;

    12. Do not buy a dog.

  2. Although I don’t understand it very much, I am also the dog who has been raising dogs
    The dogs that have reached a little place in the middle of the two eyes. The long -term meeting is very beautiful (just heard)
    This hair is bright, eyes are gods, and it looks lively (Generally, dogs are not so crazy when they grow up when they are naughty) Okay, it ’s a bit troublesome to go. I will give you a pet shop for you. And you also need a dog card (I don’t know if you want it…. We have a dog card on the side. That is similar to ID cards)
    Is where there are dogs selling dogs, it is recommended that you can go to 58 The same city, what kind of website is searching for. Those who are specially equipped with puppies are not expensive to sell them. At least compared to the price, the price will not be too far away. The pet shop is also fine. Or a family who just gave up the dog at home is also good.
    Actually. What dogs are the same, just like it, dogs also like you, isn’t it good
    (The first one is really heard! Because of our skewers on the nose I thought there was any illness. I was on Baidu, and I found that the dogs are not all like this … Khan)

  3. Dear, if you want to buy a dog online, you must first understand the reliability of the website. You can also search for the breed of dogs you want to buy from Baidu Encyclopedia. If you have to pay attention to buying dogs. See how to buy pure seeds, and then let the seller send a picture to see that it is consistent with the encyclopedia. You can also buy books about the kind of dogs, how to feed, and so on. You have to believe me, because there are puppies in my family! But to say, Xiaobo Mei is lively and may be naughty! If you buy it in a pet shop, you can also read in the book!

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