The best way to supplement calcium in puppies, how to supplement calcium in puppy

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  1. Calcium deficiency in puppies will affect growth and development, and may also have leg lame, weak legs, and deformation of limbs. It is found that puppies should take timely measures after lack of calcium.
    The calcium supplement should start with diet, prepare some nutrients of dog food, with some meat, shrimp skin, black beans, laver, and egg yolk to help supplement calcium nutrition. After meals, feed some apples, pears, etc. to help dogs supplement vitamins. If you have time, you can also use the food that dogs like to make a nutritious meal to help the dog improve the food. Also pay attention to allowing dogs to drink plenty of water, you can prepare some cool white open near the food bowl or dog foothills, which can be drunk when you are thirsty.
    If the dog's calcium deficiency is serious, or it is just in the stage where the calcium is urgently needed, the rate of calcium supplement from food will be slow. You can prepare some Wangpi to help supplement calcium nutrition. Before feeding, you should be optimistic about the instructions and feed them according to regulations. Do not excess to avoid excessive calcium supplementation. If calcium deficiency is more serious, it should be sent to pet hospital for treatment in time.
    In daily take a dog to take a walk to take a walk, do some exercise to help the gastrointestinal digestion, but also enhance the physique. When you go out, you need to let the dogs be exposed to the sun by the way, and it can also help calcium transformation and absorption. Before going out, bring water and traction rope to prevent dogs from running around, or drink dirty water thirst after exercise.

  2. one. Calcium supplementation should be appropriate
    The living conditions are good now, and the owners also care about the dogs. The owner who is always worried about the dog deficiency of the dog keeps eating calcium powder for the dog, resulting in too much calcium in the dog. Don't think that only calcium deficiency can cause illness, and excessive calcium supplementation will cause damage to the dog's body.
    1. Excessive calcium supplement
    This dog food is configured after nutritional research by experts. The nutritional components cover all the nutrients needed for all dog growth. If you eat dog food, add calcium powder and mineral feed, which will cause excessive calcium and cause a serious burden on the dog. Excessive calcium in the body will not only be absorbed by the body, but also cause many diseases. Calcium can promote bone growth, but it cannot promote the rapid growth of muscles with bones. When the bone grows quickly, the muscles cannot keep up, and pull the femoral head out of the joint nest, causing the structural changes in the hip joint, and changes in orthopedic mechanics. In addition, the dogs have a large amount of exercise on weekdays, the bones have increased, the hip joints are loosened, the joint nests become narrow, and the femoral head is smoothed. In order to stabilize the joints, the physiological function of animals promotes the formation of bone spines and eventually leads to degenerative arthritis.
    2. Calcium deficiency
    The people think that drinking milk can supplement calcium for dogs. People and dogs are not the same. A baby takes about 10 years to reach 60 kilograms. It is enough for a real large dog to be enough. Therefore, if you want to supplement calcium, of course, you are prone to calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency will reduce the bone density of the dog, unable to support its increasing weight weight, and it is easy to hurt during exercise. Coupled with many dogs drinking milk, it can cause indigestion and diarrhea, so it does not agree with milk to supplement the dog with milk.

    . How to supplement the dog calcium
    1. Choose the correct dog food young dogs to choose nutritional puppies. Absorbing digestion. The composition of adult dogs is different from puppies, so when your dog is more than 10 months, please change it to dog food. When you get old, you must also cooperate with the elderly dog ​​food.
    2. You can buy dogs for dogs or children's calcium tablets. Generally, there are instructions for taking dosage based on weight. Do not eat bones to supplement calcium and do not drink milk. Of course, food supplementation is safer than drugs supplementing calcium, and eating normal foods will not cause excessive calcium. Can be given to food, shrimp skin, fish and other foods to add.
    3. Doing more exercise and exposure to the sun can help calcium absorb and use your dog to have a bodybuilding figure.

  3. Today we say that puppies need to specially supplement calcium supplementation. Many dog ​​parents will think, oh, our baby is so small, now it is growth and development. Can calcium supplement? Large dog parents have not stopped.

    In dogs need calcium supplementation?
    D. Most dogs do not lack calcium, and the calcium content is not enough. In the meal, especially the kind of meat. The calcium content and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in good dog food are okay.

    It what will happen if calcium is added too much:
    It calcium supplementation will cause kidney problems, urinary stones, bone joints and other problems. Have you heard that in addition to genetic reasons, excessive calcium supplementation can also cause hip development.
    A calcium supplement can make the dog stand ears:
    It people say that calcium supplementation can stand on the ears, the dog's ears are cartilage, and the calcium will not be deposited here, and it will not become a bone, so Calcium supplement and ears are not reliable at all. There are many products on the market that eating my calcium and calcium tablets can stand up the ears. When the vertical ear variety is 4 to 6 months old, its ear will naturally pull down. This is normal, don't be too panic.

  4. 1. The specific amount of calcium supplementation should be as if the dog's variety, body type, age, and calcium deficiency are dependent.
    2. It's different. However, no matter what kind of dogs are, there is no need to supplement calcium in breastfeeding, because they can get a lot of calcium from breast milk
    3. The larger the dog's body shape, the faster the growth rate, and the need for calcium needs. The greater the amount, the calcium contained in general puppies is difficult to meet their needs. Give dogs to supplement calcium in time, such as MAG ultracal calcium
    4. Your dog eats animal liver or meat as a staple food for a long time, then calcium should also be supplemented in moderation. Because this kind of food not only contains low calcium content, but also contains high -concentration vitamin A. Dogs have long -term intake of high -concentration vitamin A to inhibit the absorption of calcium.
    5. Remember to give the dog more sun, usually add more VD to help calcium absorption
    6. It is recommended to start after 2-3 months

  5. Calcium supplement can eat some milk powder with high calcium content, or eat nutritional tonic. Betin beef ingot is recommended to you. For a week, my dog's calcium deficiency symptoms are good, and the hospital examination indicators are normal. Baidu

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