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  1. Pet dogs usually do not belong to the national protection animals. At present, there is no "animal welfare" legislation in my country. Therefore, dogs are only treated as "things". It is also that the owner of the dog can arbitrarily punish this dog. The dog owner kills the dog without illegal. In this sense, pets are not protected by law.

  2. 1 Beautically protected by law, personal legal property, 2 dog breeding needs to comply with relevant dog raising regulations

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, do you happen when you raising a pet dog? Which aspect is it?nLet me analyze it carefullynIs anyone abused pets? Or what happened when you raised pet dogs?nThe question was bitten by another dog, the spine was brokennThe other party did not bring a traction rope, and it was a bit dog, which was very fiercenAnswer your dog is controlled by the traction rope, right?nThe question was unsuccessful to the other party. He said that I asked me to take the legal procedurenAnswer if the other party's dog is not controlled by the traction rope, then the responsibility is borne by the other dog owner.nYou can go directly to legal procedures and use 25 yuan to sue it to court.nThe cost of suing others is very low.nThis matter must be the responsibility of the other party because he did not use the traction rope correctly.nAsk my dog ​​in my arms, and the other dog's dog rushed over and dragged the dog down.nAnswer Hello, is there any monitoring at the time of the incident, or video, witnesses can alsonAsk my dog ​​to buy 1200 yuan. I asked him to compensate 3,000 yuan, and he was unwillingnThere are monitoring in the communitynThe answer is fine. You can directly take the surveillance video and the receipt of your dog or the transaction record. Because dog breeding and subsequent medical expenses also need to be paid.nThese are of course the owner of the other dog.nThe accident caused by the opponent's correct wearing a traction rope.nMore 16nBleak

  4. Chinese law has not been legislated by pets. How can I prove that the dog is yours? Just apply a dog card! That's your property.

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