What kind of dogs who have raised dogs are more suitable

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  1. 1. Corgi Dog
    Corgi dogs are originally originally in Wales in the United Kingdom. It is a pet dog with short legs and large buttocks. It is because of this that there are more and more people who raise Corgi dogs, especially it runs. It is quite cute when it is flying. If you like cute dogs, you can consider raising a short -legged Corgi dog, but the Corgi dog does not let it climb the stairs often because its lumbar spine is easily injured.
    . Teddy dogs
    one of the most popular dog species of teddy dogs is a small dog that is quite good. Basically, the scent of the shower gel is basically on it, and the Teddy dog's IQ is ranked second. The training is quite simple. Snacks (sheep cheese) can train it better and better.
    three, golden retriever dogs
    golden retriever dogs recognized "big warm men", golden dumplings are particularly good and good, and they are the same attitude towards anyone, so golden retriever is also very suitable for novice breeding. However, it is necessary to know that it will also lose hair when raising golden retrievers. Therefore, it is necessary to buy some light -salt, high -protein and low -fat natural dog food feeding in terms of staple dog food. It effectively reduces hair loss.
    . Pomegal dog
    Pme dogs are well -known and lovely, loved by friends. At present, many friends will raise them. Pure breeds Bomei is a beautiful and cute pet dog. It is a sought -after dog variety around the world.
    . The Labrador dog
    one of the non -aggressive dogs recognized by the Labrador dog. It is very friendly to people. Because it is too kind, the Labrador dog is an absolutely good companion dog and a working dog. If you want to raise a dog, you can choose a non -aggressive Labrador dog.

  2. It is better to raise dogs for the first time: poodle, bibicin, and dogs of local breeds. It is not recommended to feed: Alaska dogs, Samoyed dogs, Husky dogs, and small -sized small dog species. Sled dogs and mini dogs have poor disease resistance, and gastrointestinal function is relatively weak. Vindee and other resistance and gastrointestinal function are relatively strong. Before the novice raising dogs, you must do your homework. You can take it to a nearby pet hospital for consultation.

  3. There are a few major troubles to raise dogs. 1. Drop hair. The hair loss is definitely a big trouble for the dog owner, you can choose to choose less hair loss. 2. Metabolism. Some dogs prefer to urinate anywhere, it is best to raise dogs with high IQ. 3. Disease. Some pure -breed dogs are easy to get sick, such as Labrador, etc., when they were young, it was very easy to get small diseases and other diseases, and the dog owner needed to take care of it carefully.
    Recommended Chinese pastoral dogs, teddy, bichon, etc.

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