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  1. He can give you up to half of the price for cat traffickers, because he collects cats to send to the south, and there will be a transportation fee, and some kittens died before they were sold after receiving their hands. It is recommended that you hang up friends, leisure fish, May Eight City, and Slowly Solding Networks to sell them to sell well.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer about 1,000 ~ 6,000 yuan for pet levels, and the match level is more than 10,000 yuan. If you want to raise it yourself, you do n’t need to buy the race class. This cat is easy to maintain. And there is no wildness, easy to tame, and friendly to people. Because of this, the American short -haired cat has dominated the Chinese pop list No. 1. This kind of cat has less hair removal, loves sports, can get along with other cats, and can be raised with docile dogs. It does not require the temperature to be too rigorous. It only needs to be less than ten degrees. In the world, the world's clinical consultation rate is the lowest, so they are healthy. They can always stay quietly in one place and communicate patiently with you. Some people mind the cat cunning. These things may happen, but American short -haired cats will not be , Their IQ is limited to remembering their names, do not touch something that you don't want to let it touch. The first is the ears, and the second is the pornography of the fish spots. This is slightly cheaper, and the symmetrical butterfly pattern is more expensive. Secondly, it depends on this cat with no certificate, and the tabby 4500 with a certificate is the least. If you don't have a certificate, it depends on what area you are. In Beijing, this kind of grade can be bought 1500-3000. The price of short-tailed cats in the United States is about 2500-3000 yuan. The American short -tailed cat has a medium size and strong muscles, which is obviously a kind of sporty animal.nThis American short -tail cat is still valuable, but after all, it is a price that the store may not open it.nQuestion Meimei Short Whiten[Nose]nAnswer you want to sell your pet shop.nQuestionn4 morenBleak

  3. General pet hospitals can acquire pet cats to find warm and suitable homes for it. Or it can be bought and sold from the Internet, as long as the other party treats animals well.

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