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  1. Cats are sold in the farmer's market, flower and bird shops, pet shops.

    Ilads cheap. Of course, cats born to farmers do not need money, and give you free of charge. Too many cats are wild cats.
    The just -born kittens are blind and deaf to warm the female cats by themselves to stimulate the kitten anal to help the kitten excretion. When the cat's nose develops completely when it is three weeks, the cat can distinguish the mother's taste as soon as it is born. If the kitten sleeps is very long, if it is too cold, the body is uncomfortable or hungry.
    The weight of the kitten when it was born is about one hundred grams of weight. After about two weeks, the weight will double. The normally heartbeat of a kitten under the age of two weeks is about 15-35 times per minute. The lower body temperature of the newborn kitten is about 35 ~ 36 ° C. within 1 to 2 weeks after birth, it will slowly rise until the age of the four weeks will rise to about 37.7 ° C. When the kitten is born, it has pain when it is born, but the neuromuscular reflection related to pain will not develop at 7 days.
    In 5 to 14 days after birth, the iris will be opened at this time. Color kitten develops at about 3 to 4 weeks of vision development. On the 16th day of the age of 7 to 14, the pace will be more mature and stable on the 16th day of the 16th day.
    The cats usually walk on the third week to stabilize the motion of the female cat before. At the second week of the cat, the first group of teeth went to the toilet for three weeks. At this time, cats will start playing with each other. In the fifth week, weaning and eating hard foods will also become independent. At this time, the sense of balance of cats has been developed and fully understands the hair. This period is that cats must learn to know themselves and other animals.
    This After two months of birth, muscle development is exactly needed, but more exercise is required to accurately judge the distance, height and speed. The skills of hunting are also learned during this period. Generally speaking, when cats have a sense of direction of the site when they are three months old, they are also very good. It is best to leave the mother after three months old.

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