5 thoughts on “How to raise pets on the phone desktop?”

  1. "With the rapid rise of the Android mobile phone platform, more and more software or games suitable for Android phones. If you need to download third -party software or fun games and applications, it is recommended that you can search through your own app store or mobile forum. Currently more popular software. If your mobile phone comes with an application store, you can find it as follows:
    Applications-Application Store-Click "Popular Recommendations" to see the current more popular software/games.
    , you can also choose your favorite software according to the software type. "

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer mobile desktop pets: 1. First download a BIU video desktop app on your mobile phone, and then open it to enter the homepage and then develop the page. 2. Then you can find a desktop pet on the found page. 3. After clicking more, enter the pet page, and then select a favorite pet to open the settings. 4. Enter the pet settings page and click on the desktop pet below the page. 5. Then there is a setting of transparency above the page. If you want pets to increase the percentage a little on the phone desktop. 6. After setting up the phone desktop, you can see your pet, it will jump around on your desktop.

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