My cat does not eat fish, just cat food, what should I do?

5 thoughts on “My cat does not eat fish, just cat food, what should I do?”

  1. Can you know what cat food you feed? Many commercial grains have attracting agents, which will cause cats to rely too much on cat food after eating. If it doesn't like to eat other foods, it is recommended that you change food.
    It another may be the problem of cats' own preferences. In fact, cats like to eat fish because cats feel that fishy foods are fresh. Fish and chicken can be used to feed cats. If it doesn't like fish, it can be replaced with chicken. But do not add any seasonings of people in these meats, especially salt. Otherwise, long -term consumption will bring a series of serious problems to the kidney and urinary system.

  2. In fact, cats don't necessarily like to eat fish. See what they like. Cat food is more balanced. However, it is recommended to buy natural food. Generally speaking, cat foods in pet shops or supermarkets are very poor varieties, which can be Taobao. Like the Snow Mountain Famau, it is a good brand, you can go and see. It is best to buy a try first. Otherwise, if you don't like it, you will waste it.

  3. Cat food that I fed from a young age, if you have to eat fish, mix a little fish in cat food. If you eat more, you can eat it. Cat food is also possible.

  4. Cats also have their own tastes
    It like our cats, some love chicken, some love canned food, some love fish, and some eat cat food
    . If you lack something in the body, you will like what food contains

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