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  1. You can tell everyone very responsible that sterilization is not a pitch, and it cannot directly prolong the cat's life.
    saying that the sterilization can extend the life of the cat. The real reason is that after the cat is breach, it can avoid the occurrence of certain diseases to a certain extent. For example, for female cats, breast tumors, uterine pus, ovarian nests can be reduced after sterilization. The incidence of diseases such as cysts.

    For male cats, sterilization can reduce reproductive system diseases, such as orchitis, the incidence of testicular cancer. The most important thing is that after giving a cat sterilizer, it will reduce the physiological pain of the cat's estrus and reduce the desire to reproduce.

    Puppicant, the estrus cat will become unreasonable under the stimulus of breeding desire. In order to slip out of the house to breed the next generation, they are willing to pay any price. But after the cat slipped out of the house, the chance of accidents was too high! Therefore, once a cat is sterilized, the incidence of cat reproductive system disease will be reduced, the cat is less estrus, and the mood is happier, and it can prevent the cat's chance of slipping out of the house. These dangers will be greatly reduced because of sterilization, so sterilization can indirectly prolong the cat's life.

    The benefits

    The benefits of sterilization above seemingly good. Whether it is indirectly increased the cat's life or the life of the cat Don't be too good for you, there are disadvantages of everything!

    Siphability can reduce cats to certain reproductive system diseases, thereby increasing cat's life intermittently, which can directly cause cats of cats. Obesity will cause cats to increase heart disease, arthritis, and even hyperglycemia. The chance of these diseases is much more terrible than cat reproductive system diseases.

    So sterilization for cats does not directly increase the cat's life, and if it takes not properly, it may even reduce the cat's life.

  2. First, for female cats to complete sterilization surgery, they can usually live 3 to 5 years.

    1. Early ovarian resection can also help cats avoid infection with several reproductive system diseases. Most of the breast tumors of female cats will become malignant tumors, so cutting the ovarian can be used to avoid being infected by the uterus, and it is also an important way for life -saving. The current sterilization surgery has developed to remove the uterus while removing the ovaries, which is a gospel for cats.

    2, the female cat can have 3 babies a year before sterilization, the body is very tired, and it is easy to get urinary system diseases. Uterine cysts, uterine pus and other stubborn diseases are often accompanied. If the ovaries are removed before the female cat's first estrus period, it can help it prevent breast tumors, and the body is healthier and the survival time can be longer.

    3. Most of the female cats after sterilization will be fat because of the changes in hormones and more comfortable life. They will no longer be difficult to find a spouse for the daily estrus, and they will enjoy life. It is no longer necessary to worry about diseases and bred offspring, which is also a reason for the longevity of female cats after sterilization. Studies have shown that female cats can live 3 to 5 years after sterilization.

  3. Is the life span of cats longer after sterilization
    This will not be prolonged after cat sterilization, because the probability of infertility with reproductive system diseases is much higher than that of sterilized cats, so the conclusion should be that the cats that are sterilized are sterilized than sterilization of sterilization. The cat's life is short. The direct benefit of cat sterilization is not to extend life, reduce the cause of earrings and reduce accidental death, so that the relevant organs will not maintain long -term congestion, and stabilize the cat's emotions.

    What are the benefits of cat sterilization
    1. Reduce the occurrence of reproductive system diseases. Because the physiological structure of cats is special, the long -term congestion may cause a lot of diseases.

    2. Gong cat sterilization can avoid reproductive system diseases caused by estrus, such as tumors. Frequently estrus male cats are also prone to urinary systems, sterilization surgery can fundamentally solve this problem.

    3. Female cat estrus frequency frequent risk of breeding system diseases is also much higher, such as breast tumors, ovarian tumors, uterine fibroids, etc.

    4. After the sterilization, cats will not spread the disease through mating, such as cat AIDS.

    5. After the cat's sterilization, the emotions will also be much more stable. The unprecedented habits that appear during the estrus will be taken away with the sterilization.

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