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  1. Normally, the cat's sleep time itself is very long.
    It each animal has a fixed sleep time. For example, the daily sleep time of cattle, horses, and elephants is about 3 hours, chimpanzee's sleep time is about 9 hours, the wolf is 13 hours, the lion is about 10 to 15 hours, and the cat's sleep time is about about 10 to 15 hours. 14 hours. However, this is the sleep time of cats living in the wild.
    The cats raised by humans, because you don't need to spend time to find food, so more free time than those wild cats. According to the habit of "sleeping without doing things", the sleep time increased. The cat will sleep until nearly 20 hours a day. After getting older, I sleep more. It can even be said: Cat was born to sleep. In order not to starve to death, he ate meals from time to time from time to time. So cat sleeping is a normal phenomenon.
    . Is the cat really asleep?
    Puled to observe the sleeping cat will find that the cat will be awakened as long as there is a little sound when sleeping. This is because the cat's sleep is divided into light sleep and deep sleep. Most of the time, the cat is shallow Sleeping and falling asleep on the surface, in fact, they still maintain a high degree of vigilance. When you are in light sleep, the cat cannot get enough rest, which is equivalent to human beating. Cats are in a state of deep sleep when they are really relaxing. Cats in deep sleeping generally adopt a very comfortable posture, such as twisted twisted in the back, and cats often lie on their stomach when they sleep lightly. Cat's sleep is light sleep -deep sleep -light sleep is carried out in turns, and the light sleep time is long, so it is not particularly much time when you really get rest and relax. Just 6 hours.
    . The nature of the day and night came out
    The parents who are raising cats have the same feeling. That is, every morning every morning, when everyone is still dreaming, the cat is up. Moreover, when people are sleeping late at night, cats are moving spiritually. It is the cat itself a natural hunter, and the night is a good moment for prey to find food. And late at night, the light is very dark, but for cats, such lighting conditions are enough. They can clearly observe the changes in the environment and hunt. For cats, the blood of "hunter" on their bodies, their original instincts make them the most sober in the early morning, and other times are always "confused" as sleeping. And this is difficult to change even pet cats.
    . Cat sleeps and sick
    It we analyzed the reason why the cat sleeps. Now we know that cats have been sleeping for a long time, but many owners meet. Cats are originally lively. , It's just a little drowsiness recently. Is this because the cat is sick? In fact, this cannot be generalized. Cats will change the length of sleep due to changes in seasonal changes. For example, when the weather is hot in summer, cats will become more lethargic. This is just a kind of adjustment of the body. The owner does not have to worry too much, but if the cat is not just lethargic, it is also accompanied by accompanying There are other symptoms, such as hairy messy, diarrhea, fever, runny nose and other symptoms, which indicates that cats are sluggish because of illness. At this time, it depends on a doctor.
    It, we can regard the condition of cat sleep as a cat language. If the cat sleeps at home, it is very relaxed, then it means that the home brings it to it. If the state of preparation is resting, it shows that he does not trust the living environment enough, so the owner must consider preparing a safe corner for cats to make it have enough space to rest.

  2. The kitten sleeps a lot every day, is it normal?

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