2 thoughts on “Can cats take people?”

  1. The first is not possible, because the dosage of the insecticide of people is relatively large, and the cat cannot bear it.
    Forming the type of insect repellent between humans and cats is different. People are mainly deepening tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, etc. parasitic in the intestine. The cats mainly clear the body's inner filament, ticks, hookworms, etc. The in vitro is mainly flea, tapeworms, chiggle mites, and ear mites.
    So it is recommended to choose a cat dewrad medicine for cats to effectively and safely deworming.

  2. Acts of dogs (adult dogs, cats) This product contains 100 mg of effective ingredients-formulazole, which is used to prevent and control dogs and cats. Product characteristics: 1. Extensive spectrum efficient: can be killed for all kinds of parasites that harms dogs and cats, including nematodes, tapeworms and suction worms. 2. Through the insecticidal: In addition to adults, it can also kill migrants and eggs. 3. Wide function: regular insects can increase growth rate and maintain smooth body bodybuilding fur. 4. High safety: Dogs and cats have good tolerance to this medicine, and it will not be abnormal than thousand times more than the amount of dosage. 5. Good parallelism: Dogs and cats are willing to eat freely. 6, insecticidal broad -spectrum: insects, whip worms, tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms and worms, and moisturizing and digesting on the spot, generally do not discharge worm bodies. Necessity of insect repellent: 1. Adults compete with dogs and cats for nutritional ingredients, affecting development. 2. The larvae migrate in the liver, kidneys, kidneys, and other intestines of dogs and cats, which seriously endangers dogs and cat growth, resulting in infection and secondary infection. 3. Dogs and cats will be transmitted to people when they contact people, because most of the parasites of dogs and cats are mostly susceptible to people. Usage and dosage: According to weight, 1 tablet per weight per weight, 2-3 times a year at a time.

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