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  1. The normal frequency of the cat's breathing is about 15-32 times per minute.
    The cats of cats at different ages are also different. The number of normally breathing times per minute of cats is 15-32 left stones. The number of cats' breathing times will be more. Essence Cats may increase during exercise, prosperity or pregnancy.
    It cats when the cat is resting is uniform. If the respiratory frequency is accelerated and even opens the mouth when resting, it means that it may have lung or heart disease. The hospital conducts examination and treatment.
    If the cat's long -term breathing frequency is relatively fast, the respiration frequency of more than 50 times under calm conditions, and their belly is very ups and downs, and it feels very powerful.
    In at this time, the owner wants to see if the cat has poor breathing, falling from a height, cough and sneezing, etc. It is recommended to make a movie and B -ultrasound for the cat to check if there is abnormal heart and lungs, such as pneumonia Pulmonary edema, chest hemorrhage, heart disease, etc.
    The method of measuring cat heartbeat:
    It measuring cat's heartbeat. It is best to choose when the cat sleeps or rests. The specific measurement method is to touch the ribs on the inside of the cat's elbow. At this time, you can feel the cat’s. Heartbeat, recorded the cat's heartbeat in 15 minutes, and then multiplied by 4, at this time, you can get the cat's breathing every minute.

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