Should stray cats take home if they should be rescued? Why?

5 thoughts on “Should stray cats take home if they should be rescued? Why?”

  1. Stray cats should be rescued and brought home, because cats are also a life and should help it.
    The stray cats in society are very many, and stray cats can be often found around community, roadside grass, and parks. These poor guys worshiped, of course, some of them were lucky to be adopted by the owner. Note that a stray cat is different from a healthy kitten. To properly raise stray cats, you should also refer to the following methods.
    First, because of special encounters, wandering cats are mostly afraid of this society and people and are unhappy. See if you have pets in your house before preparing for breeding. If so, first isolate the stray cat for a period of time, let it slowly familiar with the environment, and slowly integrate it with other pets.
    Secondly, don't blindly take the stray cat home blindly. Before collecting cats, you should take it to the pet hospital for examination. Direct vaccine, cleaning the body, disinfection, and deworming. After the whole body is checked to determine the health, the stray cat is led home.
    Extension information:
    The precautions for cats in the home are as follows:
    . We must move dangerous items to places where cats are not enough. Don't let the cat run into the stove. Or install a guardrail on the side of the furnace. Pay attention to the door of the washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave oven.
    . Do not feed cats to drink milk. Cats have lactose intolerance. It can not absorb the nutrition of milk but cause gastrointestinal problems.
    . Remember not to plant toxic plants in the room and other activities of the cat. Some plants are toxic to cats.
    . Do not let it be disturbed by other pets. It is best not to let the children at home make the new big cat or kitten. If children have never raised pets before, they need to pay special attention.

  2. Some wandering little milk cats should be rescued, and take it home to wash it home for a period of time to find adoption. The larger one is fixed at a fixed -time fixed -time. In the past two years, a total of eleven kittens were rescued, and they were all adopted by good people. This is the five adopted this year, all of which are very beautiful.

  3. I once rescued small animals who were sick, spent more than 3,000 yuan when treating it. After 3 years of raising it, I still left due to illness. I suggest that you must consider your own economy before rescue. Base.

  4. I personally don't agree with it very much. First of all, this is the process of gaming. Secondly, the cost of helping such cats can help many normal cats. In the end, there are no filial sons in front of the sick bed.

  5. Of course, but adopting stray cats must be mentally prepared, stray cats can distinguish whether it is the descendant of the cat or the wild cat. Due to the habits and personality of adult stray cats, it will take some time to correct it. The shoveling officer needs more time and patience. Stray cats are different from pet cats raised in their families. Out of their needs, they may be very wary. When approaching stray cats, pay attention to the cat's response. Don't be too reckless to avoid the cat's scratching.

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