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  1. The method is as follows:
    1. Multi -help cats wipe their faces
    This will have secretions in the mouth, nose, and eyes of cats. It is very necessary to help it wipe the face.
    2. Keeping indoor temperature and ventilation
    In increase in the humidity at home can help the sick cat breathe better. If there is a humidifier, it can be opened. You can also turn on the electric heaters or air conditioners. It is good to keep the room temperature at about 25 degrees. If necessary, you can also put on the cat. It also needs to be ventilated every day to ensure that the indoor air is fresh.
    3, isolation
    If there are children or other animals at home, this sick meow should be isolated to avoid cold transmission to them. This can also prevent other children from snatching its meals.
    4. Ensure fresh and clean drinking water
    It -sick cats especially need to replenish water. It is best to provide warm boiling water for cats. At about 20 degrees, it is helpful to the cat's health recovery. You can feed them with bottle or needle tube.
    If Note

    Cats are generally recovered in five to ten days. Cat's cough is similar to people's cough. If there is only a cough, you can take drugs containing ingredients such as polycin and fruit roots. Secondly, if the cough does not improve for a long time, it is recommended to make further diagnosis in combination with the lung examination. If the cough is caused by lung bacteria or parasitic infection, it is necessary to be sent to the pet hospital for further treatment.

  2. Cats need to open the window after a cold to keep the indoor air circulation, otherwise the germs gather indoors, which will affect the cat's health. The home must also do a good job of cleaning to prevent cats from inhaling too much dust and cause other respiratory diseases. It is also necessary to pay attention to the regular environment and supplies of the cat's living environment and supplies.
    This cats are easy to be afraid of cold when they have a cold, so it is essential to keep the cat warm. The owner can put a small cushion in the place where the cat rests and adds a small quilt for simple warmth. If necessary, you can rest in the cat in the cat Place the heater in the place, which can help the cat very well.
    During a cold, cats need to adjust their diet and supplement nutrition. On the basis of feeding cat food, you can also eat some egg yolk, beef, salmon meat, etc., and mix it in an appropriate amount. Nutritional supplements, supplementing the nutrition lost during the cold, and accelerating the recovery of the body. If the cat's cold is more serious, it can also be matched with Wang Meow Amo to reduce a series of symptoms brought by the cold.
    The owner needs to know if the cat has a fever after a cold, so I need to measure the body temperature regularly every day, and use the thermometer of the mercury or electronic thermometer to put it on the hind legs of the cat. Mercury thermometer, it is best to do it when the cat sleeps, which is very convenient. If the cat has a fever, you need to take it to the pet hospital for medical treatment.
    The characteristics of cat colds
    Cat cold is an acute armal disease mainly based on upper respiratory mucositis. Clinically manifested as rising body temperature, cough, runny nose, and frequent sneezing. The weak cats are more. This is mainly caused by changes in the weather. The cold and hot weather has caused the cat's resistance to a decrease and induced a cold. For cats for cats, cold and detoxifying are the main.
    Men human medicine should not be feeded without authorization. Human body shape is huge different from cats. Excessive feeding of drugs is likely to hurt the cat's life. In the case, multiple cat families pay attention to isolation. One is to prevent other healthy cats infected with the pathogen of the pathogen.
    Speaking of the difference between cat nose and cold, in fact, many shoveling officers are not clear, because cats have a cold and cat nose. Many symptoms are very similar. The symptoms of colds are good. It's just ordinary colds. Simply take some younger two Amoxicillin and eat meat to add nutrition. In the early stage of a cat's cold, it is sneezing and runny nose. The appetite may decline in the mid -term. Removal of fever needle.
    The symptoms of cat nasal branches will be relatively severe. The symptoms of cat nose will be relatively severe. Cats will first experience runny nose, frequent sneezing, red eyes, tears, and secretions in the later period, redness and swelling of the eyes, and even infection. After conjunctivitis, a fever occurs, the cat's spirit is deteriorating, the appetite is decreased, and even if it does not eat, the body shape gradually lose weight.

  3. It is best to send a pet hospital immediately.
    Is after cats suffer from a cold, the main symptoms are depression, indifferent expressions, and cold ears and nasal ends. The conjunctiva is red or mild swollen, tears, and the corners of the eyes and nose have purulent secretions. The body temperature rises, accompanied by cough, fear of cold and light, and often curled up in the dark. When the owner finds that cats have a cold, it is best to send a pet hospital immediately. Generally, 30 % of the muscle injection is 30 %, the pain, or the liquid solution, once a day, 0.1 ml per kilogram each time. You can also take heat and polygami with a dosage of 0.1 grams to 1 gram each time.
    It should pay attention to the conditions of the cat's living environment. Although the spring is here, it is still cold at first, and the warmth measures are still in place, especially to prevent the invasion of the wind. When the temperature is relatively low at night, it is best not to let the cat go out. Before going to bed, check whether the cat is returning to the room, don't keep it out of the door. To strengthen cold protection measures for kittens, the cat's nest should be kept dry and warm, and placed in a warm place at home.

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