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  1. What cat to buy depends on which cat you decide to buy and how much you want to pay. In terms of the source of buying cats, it is a shortcut to recommend it, but do not buy it in a hurry before investigating the source of the cat.
    The cats sold from cats and pet stores from pet shops are usually reasonable. But if you have other ways, you are advised you not to buy cats in a pet shop. If you are sure to buy a cat there, you must do a thorough inspection of the cat. Because kittens are particularly susceptible to disease and infection, and disease and infection are easy to spread in pet stores.
    The cats who cultivate breed cats. If you have decided to buy purebred cats, you better buy it with people who specialize in breed cats. Or go to the cat exhibition, where you watch the cat exhibition, and you will also encounter many people who cultivate cats. Some cats may also be sold at the cat exhibition, but it is best to be in the cat's house. There, you can effectively observe the environment of the kitten growth, it is best to choose the better one from the whole nest kitten.
    It to protect animal organizations buying cats usually you only need to spend a little money or even score a cat. Charity life institutions are another convenient source of non -purebred cats. However, the organizations in China are not yet developed, and there are very few cats adopted.
    In the good habits of the cat. If you buy a kitten, it is best to choose a robust, big courageous, and first -born cat. Cats are often susceptible to illness, and you may be sad because of the cat's early death. Therefore, when buying cats, you must choose a cat that is friendly, friendly, naughty, and willing to be disciplined.
    Is health certificates and vaccination If you want to buy expensive purebred cats, you should ensure that the kitten has injected anti -cat enteritis and cat influenza vaccine at least one week before purchasing. If you buy an adult cat, you must find out whether it has injected vaccines when the kitten is injected, and it will not be regularly injected with auxiliary agent that enhances the efficacy. Cats that have injected vaccine and auxiliary agents must have a written proof of veterinarians. Therefore, it is an ideal way to ask the veterinarian before the cat.
    In addition, if you still have other cats, you should ask the veterinarian to test the blood to the newly bought cat in order to prove that the result is negative. In this way, your original cat does not cause leukemia or other fatal diseases.
    Pure breed cat registrations according to regulations for 5 weeks of pure breed cats should be registered under the personal name of the cat owner with their hair colors and parents of the cats. If you do not register, you will not be eligible to participate in the cat exhibition of purebred cats in the future.

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