Will people who have long -term cats suddenly allergic to cat hair?

1 thought on “Will people who have long -term cats suddenly allergic to cat hair?”

  1. Those who have long -term cats will suddenly be allergic to cat hair.
    This research shows that at least 30%of people will be allergic to cat hair, but a large part is that they have allergic symptoms after a few years, but it is definitely not recommended to abandon cats because there are many ways to relieve it to alleviate This allergic symptoms.
    The treatment cycle for the treatment of cat hair is very long, because the allergens are difficult to remove, so the owner should treat cat hair in a comprehensive way, often sort out to reduce the cat that falls in the air Mao is more important.

    The cat Note:
    1. Create a zone without allergies at home, such as bedroom. Strictly prohibit cats from entering this zone, and you can use professional air cleaning device with high efficiency to remove particles here.
    持. Keep the room ventilation and fresh air, but do not even open the screen and screen door, so as not to slip out to explore the curious cat and accident.
    3. Try to use materials that are not easy to penetrate as much as possible to avoid using those materials that are easy to save dust and debris, such as cloth curtains, bedding and carpets. The number of allergens that can be carried by carpets is 100 times the floor. If the carpet cannot be removed, it should be cleaned up frequently and thoroughly.
    4. Sofa masks, bedding, curtains, cats' nests and toilets should be often changed by people who are not allergic. Use a miniature filter on the vacuum cleaner to clean up the allergens more effectively.

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