What kind of cat catch mice?

What kind of cats are the most powerful to catch mice?

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  1. First, the curved cat's curiosity is very strong. Usually, if you have nothing, you can grab the random. The most afraid of the mouse is the great movement. Such a mouse naturally dare not come out.

    Secondly, the mouse can smell the smell of the civet cat. This smell is the smell of the carnivorous animals, and the smell of natural enemies is sensitive to any animal.

    Third, the civet cat can smell the smell of mice. As soon as the mouse comes out, the raccoon will quickly notice the mouse's movement. Then slowly wait, some cats can wait for a day at the entrance of the mouse.

  2. Both the rural cat and Abisinian cats can catch mice.
    The general tails are short, especially with hooks, which are commonly known as Kirin Tail.
    Prived pet cats said they didn't know what it was to catch mice.

  3. Jianzhou Cat is named after their source. They come from Jianyang City, Sichuan Province. They are larger than other ordinary cats. This cat has different colors. Beauty, the mouse saw the Jianzhou cat directly, and the Jianzhou cat was also regarded as a "god cat" by people.
    How is the Jianzhou cat caught the mouse "God"? In history, even if there is no Jianzhou cat at home, people can buy the portrait of Jianzhou cats and take it home to avoid the mouse. A painting can avoid the mouse. This is obviously an exaggerated idea, but it can also be seen how powerful the Jianzhou cat's mouse catcher skills are.

  4. In the cat world, grabbing mice can be ranked first, it is probably the raccoon cat. It is particularly powerful. It is particularly strong to catch the mouse, and the adaptability is also very strong, and the life is very long.

  5. Of course it is raccoon!
    Whether it is black beaver and yellow raccoon or dairy three flowers, it is great,
    is far from the stupid cats such as beautiful short British short blue cat puppets or hot chickens such as Garfield Essence
    The as one of the 5th rural areas can not only guarantee that there is no mouse in his home, but also the next door can be guaranteed.
    In otherwise do you think the village and small overlord is called in vain?

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