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  1. Baby milk powder is mainly suitable for infant nutritional needs. The ratio structure is set according to people. Moreover, milk powder contains lactose and milk. Cats have lactose intolerance, which is not suitable for cats. Cats have their own exclusive supplies. The owner should not feed blindly. Let's learn about cat milk powder.

    1. Selecting the right milk powder

    Cat special milk powder is more suitable for its own absorption. milk powder. It is a kind of milk closer to breast milk. Help maintain normal physiological functions. When feeding cat food for cats, you can also use goat milk powder to make the cat slowly get used to cat food.
    2, brewing milk powder
    The brewing temperature of goat milk powder should be controlled between 35 ° C -40 ° C. The brewing concentration is determined according to the cat's age. You can first brew the goat milk powder, and then slowly increase the concentration. Just eat seven or eight minutes full when feeding. Pay attention to observing the cat's belly.
    3, feeding milk powder
    This needs a certain amount of time to fed it slowly. If the cat is recommended to use a bottle or needle to feed the cat, the owner should be careful and patient. When you are accustomed to the staple food, the owner can use goat milk powder to be soaked and then feed, and occasionally make some liquid food. In this way, cats will gradually accept new food.

  2. The answer is certainly not.
    Because the nutritional ratio of baby milk powder is not suitable for cats based on human settings. Moreover, baby milk powder is mostly rich in milk. Most cats feed milk will cause diarrhea. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink baby milk powder for cats.
    The pet goat milk powder on the market. As one of the cat's nutritional supplements, sheep milk powder is indispensable for cats to grow. Drinking cat milk powder often has great benefits to enhance the immunity of cats and promote bone health development. And most of the goat milk powder is suitable for cats at all stages, and often drinking cats is good for cats, such as Wei Shi and goat milk powder. The pet owner can choose to buy feeding. Pet milk powder is recommended to brew with warm water at 40-60 degrees, so that it is more easy to grow up for cats.
    The content of this article comes from: China Agricultural Publishing House "China Biotechnology Development Report"

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, cats can drink baby sheep milk powdernAsk questions 12 Tmall kittens can use goat milk emergency?nAnswer this completely no problemnQuestion about young sheep milknAnswer, if there is no breast milk, you need to use goat milk powder to emergencynFeed about every three hoursnQuestion today, the female cat is closed next doornAnswer three hours during the day, feed once or twice at nightnFeed with a needle tubenQuestions have always been breast milk! Today the female cat is closed in the shop next door! Can I not feed about 7 hours of female cats to feed?nIf you can answer the middle, it is best to feed it oncenIf there is no way. It's not big if you don't feed the problemnIf you ask, there is no cat goat milk! As long as people drink goat milk! I'm afraid I will drink it too littlenNot.nDon't feed milk powdernFeeding milk powder will diarrheanAsk, I will go to bed now! Can you wait for female cats tomorrow morning?nAnswernJust pay attention to the warmth for the kittennIf you can, please give me a praise, thank younMore 18nBleak

  4. It can drink, but it is not a milk powder problem because no female cat licks the anus to stimulate the defecation. If you are artificial, you can keep wipe the kitten anal in a warm place in a warm place to stimulate the normally bowel movement of the kitten. But to be honest, the life rate is so low. You are a good person, work hard, otherwise you will help local animal protection organizations. It's cold now, the kitten must keep warm. Essence If it cannot be excreted, the kitten may be stretched. Essence Essence If you do n’t work, ask the animal hospital. In fact, the method is the kind I said, but it takes time and patience. Essence Essence

  5. You can drink it. If you are artificial, you can wipe the kitten anal in a warm place in a warm place to stimulate the normally bowel movement of the kitten.

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