1 thought on “How to join the company's WeChat group”

  1. The method is as follows:
    Tools / ingredients: iPhoneX, iOS14.8, corporate WeChat 8.0.20
    1, click the group chat that needs to be added
    After entering the corporate WeChat homepage, click the group to enter the group you need to enter chat.
    2, click group function settings
    After entering the group chat, click three points in the upper right corner to enter the group function settings.
    3, click Invite Friends Function
    In the setting page of the group, click the number of members behind the group members.
    4. Click the invitation member to join
    Plip to enter the additional member page, click the invitation member to join the functional whistle.
    5. Click on WeChat invitation function
    In summary of the invitation member page, select WeChat invitation function.
    6. Select friends who need to invite
    In enter WeChat, click on friends who need to invite the group.
    7. Click the sending function
    After clicking the friends who need to be invited, click the invitation to send the invitation, and the friend can enter the group chat.

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