Many people have returned to the countryside to start a breeding industry. What are the most tight noble industries in 2022?

5 thoughts on “Many people have returned to the countryside to start a breeding industry. What are the most tight noble industries in 2022?”

  1. The most scarce breeding industry should be breeding pigs, cattle, sheep, ducks, chickens, goose. Many people do not cultivate these animals now. These aquaculture industries are relatively vacant.

  2. Those who grow corn, pigs who raise pigs, people who raise sheep, people who raise cattle, and goose. These are relatively lacking breeding industries.

  3. The meat pigeon breeding pigeons are fresh and tender, and they are the first to live in the meat. Pigeon meat is a high -protein food, low -calorie dream food, or high -end nourishing health nutrition and health care products. It is loved by customers in the sales market. In particular, the meat pigeon industry chain has experienced the direct impact of the new crown epidemic and food prices from 2020 ~ 2021, which has caused many farms to withdraw the meat pigeon breeding industry,
    The demand for the pigeon egg market is in short supply, the price of pigeons and pigeons increases with. In addition, the damage caused by meat pigeons is less destructive, which is more consistent with the core concept of modern special breeding. The relative relative relatives of environmental protection elements are small and the development space is wide.
    , and the pigeon dung caused by breeding pigeons can be used as organic fertilizer after the breeding conditions; naturally the most important thing is that the pigeon pigeon breeding cycle time, the technicality is very easy to grasp, the funds are fast and the weekly turnover, and it is it. The investment of funds is small, and the pigeons are generally available for sale at 25-30 days, and a pigeon can be sold for 50-60 days. The cost of relative meat pigeons is as small as possible than chickens. It is not difficult to see that meat pigeon breeding is a new project that integrates sustainable development, and its future development prospects are relatively good.
    The beef beef breeding breeding beef is a very good selection. It is difficult to change the price for many months. It is not easy to rise and fall like breeding. At this stage A cow can earn 4,000 yuan. At the same time, due to the upgrading of the consumption concept of meat products in my country, many people have changed from eating pork to beef. The beef share of beef on the table is more and more, and the market demand for beef is very large; There are also Niu's resistance to resistance and adaptability. It is not easy to get sick. It is very suitable for us to go to entrepreneurial breeding.
    Olopenbird ostrich hair is an excellent seasoning for the production of the clothing industry. The ostrich meat is high -end meat food, and the ostrich egg is "the head of the hundred eggs". Therefore, Topsen can say that the whole body is treasure, and the economic income is very high.
    The little fox and the little fox are all treasures, and fox skin and fox meat have very good value. And the little fox is a special breeding project that my country is currently fully assisted in China, and the market prospects are quite fancy.
    The meat of hamster hamsters has a variety of nutritional elements, and can also be used as health care products in the medical industry. At this stage, there is no shortage of supply on the market, and the profit margin is relatively large.

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