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  1. Taking Huawei P40, EMUI11.0.0 system, Nail 6.0.3 version as an example, the nail group punch card steps are as follows:

    1, enter the main interface of the nail, open the group where you are located.

    2. Click on the post -publishing mission on the group chat interface.

    3, or click the checkup option below, and then check in.

    The answer is suitable for version 6.0.3.

    The functions of nails mainly have 5 major modules: message, ding, work, contact, mine. The message is the default homepage, similar to QQ messages. The page shows a list of records and some application notification messages chatting with others. Ding shows a list of nail incidents. You can send them to friends by phone or text by phone or text message. After sending, friends will receive reminders. The realization of the news must be synchronized on the computer, mobile phone, and cloud information. The working module includes nail plates, nails, management logs, sign -in, approval, etc. Among them, the function of sign -in can position the current position for sign -in.

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