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  1. With the popularity of the Internet and smartphones, there are many jobs that can be done directly at home, and WeChat is the most user resources. It is highly valued by merchants, so what are the ways to make money on WeChat? Let ’s!

    The simplest way to make money to make money by WeChat 1. In the group that discusses WeChat, there are some advertising alliances in the distribution order, allowing you to directly use the advertisement to be rich in media. Push out the way; this risk is very high, maybe this is the last time you push the message.
    2. Brand advertisements, like Yun Technology, directly contact the advertiser, attach a picture and a link at the end of the article; Can't play.
    3. Indirect placement, not directly edited advertisements in the background of WeChat officially, but brought users to the page of third parties, and advertising on this page. For example, Pippi WeChat officially provides advertising functions; at this time WeChat is equivalent to a browser. The ads that can be done on all WAP pages can be tried, but there are also disadvantages. One is that there are certain user losses when jumping. Official policy risk.
    4. Plant ads. In the pushing rich media content, the content of advertising is implanted, such as the names, advertising words, etc. in articles and pictures; The quantity is large -scale, and it is best to add the user's high recognition to you to attract advertisers.
    5. There are always many companies that need to do PR. For example, the WeChat of science and technology can make good publicity for some startups and APPs.
    6. Fans sell fans, everyone knows that there are many zombie fans on Weibo, 1 point of money, a Weibo fan, 1.5 cents a WeChat fan, group greeting software can quickly attract 100,000 fans. 1 million fans are exposed. There are also WeChat Weibo certification, 8,000, all are clearly marked.
    7. Do WeChat strategy, not long ago@said to organize a set of WeChat public platform use tutorials, from the use of entry levels to proficient programming, he made a statistics, if his fans responded to reply, if his fans responded to reply "I want tutorials" to sort out more than 1,000. As a result, there have been 1046 replies as of today, and he has started to finish. This is a test for him in advance and found that the market responds well. After the information comes out, you can sell money.
    8. Operating the WeChat public platform on behalf of the WeChat public platform, there are already the most professional WeChat operating service providers. It can provide user relationship maintenance, corporate culture display, customer service answering, brand story dissemination, consumer feedback, improve the audience Quantity, and activity operations: important information release, public relations crisis, enterprise independent WeChat marketing activities, interactive products, such as WeChat public account navigation columns opened by Weiyou.com are the way.
    Eight products that make money with WeChat are the first: Cosmetics-Mask
    Highlights: As long as you go to the circle of friends, 40 % of the cosmetics
    Cosmetics are the most profitable in the WeChat industry! A small mask of the three -proof products can be sold for more than 100 million! The main reason is that there are too many mother groups in China ’s WeChat group! Chinese aunt let the world worship the world, and the young mother in WeChat is no less than the older generation! Relying on the sky! No, who competes with the front, Tu Longbao knife, ordered the heroes! Cosmetics dare to say a second in WeChat, there is absolutely no product dare to say the first.
    Thising cosmetics on WeChat can make money! This is yes, the consumer group is here! As long as you treat users well, there is a strong dependence of women's use of products, as long as it is used well, it will definitely always use it all the time. And it will be recommended to the surrounding sisters! The real good product is vitality. Don't blindly develop the lower -level agent for money for money. ★★★
    Comments: One year, two years, three years. It has been three years! Are you still recruiting agents! Are you selling products? All are proxy at the backlog! Inflation is inflated! Multi-point user real experience! Don't always take a list!
    It second place: luxury goods -A goods
    Highlights: only A goods can be synchronized with cosmetics
    WeChat is a one is one The dimension of the ring closed! It is still the problem of the character of the Chinese people. I would rather spend money to buy A products to participate in the party to install fashion, and I do n’t want to lose their worth! And white -collar workers are more happy to buy A goods, and the goods A is the Yitian sword in WeChat!
    not buddy admires A goods, ancient people, population clothes, Buddhas rely on gold! Inner! You don't even pay attention to the outside, and your heart is not strong! A few days ago, foreigners wrote an article "Chinese men are not worthy of Chinese women." Women wear A one by one and dress fashionable. Once, men should stand up! In the WeChat circle, sweep the goods and decorate fashion.
    The marketing lethality: ★★★★ ☆
    The comments: The use of silk silk is really fake, white -collar followers are also true, Bai Fumei does not need to have a fan! I can only say that women's minds, Don't guess men.
    Third place: Training-Humans
    Highlights: Reshape Chinese education, create grassroots training and make money culture
    We do not provide diploma education, we only provide money to make money. This is XXX WeChat marketing training !
    domineering! This label can definitely attract a group of people. Then with one year of personal education, three years of rebate. Send the gift of local tyrants and superb books. You can also send your wife (husband) to participate in the highest level of training. R n Three days and two night training can change you? It is difficult! A training, give you 10 top Chinese marketing masters for you! Your illusion thinks that this value is high! In fact Instead, there is no point! Do you think you are Zhang Wuji or Yang Guo? Those are the abilities that are only novels. A real person, only thick accumulation, execution power combined with the theory to operate in actual combat! 10 training lecturers, make you addicted to you One, you did not impress them. If you become their friends, congratulations, the money is drifting.
    The people charged 8888 yuan, ten people were 88888 yuan, and 100 people were 888888 yuan! Three days and two nights, let you feel a different experience! Meet it with the legendary gods, talk to WeChat big coffee face -to -face talks. ! If you have money, you ca n’t see the cattle people in China! The water in the training industry is very deep, do well, and make money quickly! It is very ordinary, and some iron powder is raised, because the Chinese are a group of people. The group of righteousness, especially the 80s we grew up watching the young and confused.
    The marketing lethality: ★★★★
    Comments: Being a person first, then doing things! Participating in training can change your original behavior mode to participate! For a while, for a while, make trouble, and go home or grow up the field. Then the money is better to keep it for the baby to grow up.
    Fourth bit: Software-Tool
    Highlights: Machines can replace people, never hand-handed
    Smart people, like efficiency! Software is born for group advertisements!
    It powder software? I do n’t know, but I can definitely add people to you and send information! From zero to 10,000 friends, to 100,000 friends! WeChat restrictions? It does n’t matter, there are more software development machines. Number function! Let you add 5,000 people, there are also 50,000 people in the ten numbers, and 50 million numbers are 2.5 million! There are many people? Don't be afraid! The software helps you with group, and you have all the agent!
    Software Who is it sold to those cosmetics agents! The products are complementary, because there is no software cooperation, those agents need to be sent one by one, how tired! So the agents who sell cosmetics have need It is just a few hundred dollars, cheap and easy to use, these are the selling points of software developers. Everyone who promotes software says that their software is the best on the entire network.
    In how to use the software, it depends on the IQ of the operating person! Some people download the software to Apple 4S, and then call him WeChat mobile phone! 4S mobile phone is definitely a renovation machine, a one The refurbished machine sells for 4,500 yuan in this way! In the software era, it is indeed huge profits! I have to admire those people's IQ.
    The marketing lethality: ★★★ ☆
    The comments: In the era of people's connections! n Highlights: Knowing that it is a soft text, users are willing to forward it after reading
    The Internet era, everyone is self -media! However, not everyone has communication! At the moment when the academic qualifications are overpopulated, they have learned literary a little bit of literature. Those who have read a few years of books have written on NetEase for several years! They are all cattle, and the writing is definitely a bunker! The self -media people control the outlet of public opinion! The self -media people are literati, since ancient literati, many literati and ink. Okay, it will become everyone who is keen to follow!
    ordinary self -media, collect membership fees. With logical thinking, Luo Fat said, the buddy reads for everyone, read good books to the members who want to listen to, and then recommend good books for members to read! Later, no matter what good books, everyone read it. In fact, Luo Fat was recommended by the entire team, and even adopted a book recommended by members. How much can a person look at it, all of them look at it, either lunatic or literary youth.
    The king of unintelligo, rather than communicate, do not offend! The effect of the combination of the media cannot be ignored! When the gunman writes an article, spreads it, and there is less than 3,000 yuan in an article! Thousands of people listened to the public account, and then 5,000 people spread to the circle of friends. There were 100 people in a circle of friends. It was 500,000 people. If it was recommended in the WeChat group of 500 people, it was really powerful.
    The marketing lethality: ★★★
    The comments: self -media may not be able to help your corporate fire, but it can make the company go to the end! Have you heard of the black public relations?
    The sixth place: Catering-delivery
    Highlights: university campus entrepreneurship, 100,000 monthly income is not dreams
    times are developing, even people are getting more and more lazy! I saw a special conspicuous in the newspaper a few days ago. The section is actually promoting the big students to make money on WeChat takeaway on campus! The reason is that a guy's girlfriend is lazy to go out of the dormitory and tell him to deliver meals! Later, he asked a few friends to start a business together and talk about cooperation in the surrounding fast food restaurants. (Venture Network:/), slowly talk about the surrounding businesses, and it becomes a small group purchase WeChat platform.
    This is to seize the "lazy" characteristics of the Chinese people! The weather is so hot, and sweat in the next stairs! Decisive and collective shouting takeaway delivery together! The era of the new media is this benefit. When there is a fixed consumer group, you can have a lot of capital to talk to big businesses!
    This also see a report about someone driving a BMW to takeaway! The goal is to make consumers cool, and the buddy is on the BMW To give me a fast food! Seemingly a counterattack, in fact, you have to get a wallet! Only if you do n’t want to do it, you do n’t want to make money, as long as you have good creativity, everything will appear.
    A marketing lethality: ★★ ☆
    The comments: Lazy business is best to do because lazy, so there is a market.
    Seventh place: health products-red dates, honey, wolfberry (black)
    Highlights: Chinese food safety, created forgotten food value
    Honey, honey. One professional than one, one is more expensive than one! They said that we sell quality, and you can taste it for you if you don't believe it.
    I said yes! Try it, who is afraid of whom! Later, they really post it! It is true that the market is not comparable! Xinjiang jujube is very delicious, a jujube is better than ordinary dishes than ordinary dishes The market is several times that of several times! As for the honey in Xinjiang, it is also a collection of flowers in full bloom, so there is a special market.
    A marketing lethality: ★★
    Comments: Follow food safety problems to create a healthy reputation, just like a vent.
    Eighth place: Jewelry-Emerald, hard gold jewelry
    Highlights: You do not understand the goods, people who know the goods are collected
    a Shanghai girl sells jewelry emerald on WeChat, earning a monthly earning month Millions! Now there are fewer and fewer good products! In 2008, the price of jade has now increased at least 10 times! Myanmar jade is getting less and less, it seems that they are all Russian jade now! Jewelry, it looks better! Zhou XX also designed a hard gold product of Dingdang Cat series, which is more expensive than 999 thousand, but the difference in recycling price is too large! However, it is quite good to give the student girl.
    Marketing lethality: ★ ☆
    The comments: The attributes of the circle of friends are strong relationships. Although jewelry products are not easy to do marketing, consumer purchasing power is sufficient.

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