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  1. First of all, although the lamp industry has experienced suffering, there is still a certain prospect.
    This year, the lighting industry has undergone unprecedented bleakness and pressure. The store closure, the scale of the factory, and the layoffs of the corporate layoffs abound. It is not too much to describe with terrible and sorrow.
    However, no matter how difficult the industry is, there are companies to make money. No matter how good the industry is, there are also companies closed. Therefore, it is not the industry, but the enterprise. Therefore, how enterprises to grasp the development trend of the industry are crucial.
    In the following lighting trends, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    1. Education lighting (classroom lights, blackboard lights)
    Keywords: National standard Implementation
    The April 1, 2019, the implementation of the "Lighting and Lighting Standards for Lighting and Lighting of Primary and Middle School Schools" clearly stipulated in primary and secondary schools Ordinary classroom desktop, blackboard surface illuminance hygiene requirements, design installation of classroom lighting, and design installation and installation of blackboard lighting.
    This standards are suitable for ordinary primary and secondary schools. Middle majors and technical schools can be implemented with reference.
    The comparison, lamp efficiency, color temperature, color rendering index, and glare value in the standard have detailed parameter requirements.
    [Data] The "2018 National Education Development" released on September 29, 2019 is as follows:
    In 2018, there are 518,800 schools at all levels at all levels.
    Among them, 213,800 schools in the compulsory education stage (161,800 general primary schools and 520,000 schools in junior high schools). Kindergarten 266,700, 2152 special education schools, 24,300 schools in high schools, 2,940 colleges, 8,400 adult primary schools, 183,500 private schools (education institutions) (165,800 private kindergartens, private elementary schools in private primary schools 6179, 5,462 private junior high schools, 3,216 general high schools, 750 private universities).
    Therefore, education lighting has a very large market and development space.
    2, intelligent business photos
    The keywords: Smart → Light Smart Business Photo
    After several years of development, intelligent lighting finally from large -volume system hosts, tedious hardware, settings and control, By today's simple, convenient, and practical, we are truly more grounded. We call this simple and practical intelligence as light intelligence.
    No doubt that light intelligent lighting products can better meet the needs of ordinary consumers at this stage, and with the continuous maturity of technology and the continuous reduction of costs, light intelligent lighting will become the mainstream of the future market.
    The denseness of light intelligent lighting is the commercial photo product that can create a scene atmosphere. The most basic is the dimming and color adjustment function of commercial photos. Therefore, such business photos will definitely be a mid -to -high -end product that ensures service life and light effects. Therefore, smart business photos will inevitably occupy a larger and larger market. Purchase.
    3, office lighting
    keywords: line lights, free stitching
    office lighting products are also very popular products in recent years. Changes, the use scenario has gradually extended from the office to shopping malls, supermarkets, and stores. Therefore, such products are inevitable.
    4. Outdoor lighting, lighting
    The keywords: Draw domestic demand
    With the increase in domestic domestic demand this year, the implementation of new rural construction, beautiful villages, smart cities and other projects, the city is bright Hua and road lighting have become a very large hotspot this year. What follows is the demand for street lights (solar street lights, smart street lights), building body lighting, landscape lighting and other products. Therefore, this has become this year, even this year, even A more popular category in the next two years.
    5, sterilization lamp
    The keywords: disaster → normally sterilized
    AHE n influence of this year's special disaster, the sterilization lamp was hot at the beginning of the year, but because the previous sterilization effect was not obvious, and the sterilization time was wiring Many technologies such as incarnation of human damage protection are not mature, which leads to sterilization lamps only in the flashy. However, with the gradual maturity of sterilization lamp technology, and people's attention to sterilization in the future The products will be rejuvenated and vitality.
    6. Plant growth fill light
    The keywords: climate change
    Plants growing lighting lights have also been popular products. The special nature of the product and the technical difficulty is too difficult, resulting in such products. However, with the continuous deterioration of the global climate in recent years, plant growth supplementation will surely become future plant growth, especially agricultural use products. Although there are not many manufacturers who really focus on such products at present, some brands have gradually appeared. This category is worthy of attention, occupying the brand early at the right time.
    7, live broadcast light (beauty light)
    Keywords: live broadcast
    live broadcast can be said to be the hottest topic this year, and the heat is getting higher and higher, almost to the level of national live broadcast Therefore, the live broadcast light light is now full of popularity, and the market demand continues to rise. However, at present, the live broadcast of lighting lights is single, and the effect of filling light is different, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. When a new product is released, it is likely to fully replace the first batch of filling lights. The market can be imagined. Therefore, do not abandon this category.
    8, new Chinese style, postmodern wind, light luxury style, small American n keywords: younger
    With the degree of youthfulness of new consumer groups, they are aesthetically aesthetic The requirements are also getting higher and higher. In the past two years, it is mainly tended to be simple, personality, and convenient. Therefore, this fix lighting products in the new Chinese, Nordic modern, light luxury, small American style and other styles. Therefore, these four categories will be in the future. Mainstream categories of half a year or even a year.

  2. The main listed companies in the fire emergency lighting lamp industry: At present, the main listed companies in the domestic fire emergency lighting lamp industry include Simo Electric (837303.OC), Jade Bird Fire (002960.SZ), Op Lighting (603515.SH), Dingxin Communication (60342111 .Sh) et al. Core data of this article: Fire emergency lighting fixture market size, major corporate revenue growth
    The quality supervision of fire emergency lighting fixture industry quality supervision
    "Fire emergency lighting and evacuation instruction system technical standards", Fire Emergency Lighting
    luminaire refers to the lamps that provide lighting for people who still need to work when they are evacuated and fire.
    since 2012, the "Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Fire Products" released by the Ministry of Public Security (Order No. 122 of the Ministry of Public Security, and implemented it on January 1, 2013) Legalized and standardized tracks have improved the admission system for the fire market, and the strikes of counterfeit and inferior fire products have been strengthened. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's fire awareness, the supervision of my country's fire safety industry is becoming stricter, and the market access standards and product quality standards of fire emergency lighting fixtures are increasing.
    In November 2020, the recognition and supervision committee and other departments further optimized the category of compulsory product certification in the fire protection industry, and listed asylum escape products as one of the three mandatory certification categories, including fire emergency lighting lamp products, so that fire protection The emergency lighting lamp industry supervision has stricched, and the threshold for market entry has been further improved.
    In the number of valid certification product units at high speed
    In from the certification of fire emergency lighting lamp products in China Consumer Product Information Network, as of October 15, 2021, the domestic market has been certified and effective fire emergency response The number of lighting lamp products has a total of 3430 categories. Driven by the industry's compulsory certification standards, the category of product unit categories that have been valid in China in 2020 increased significantly by 171%year-on-year, and the number of product units that had been valid from January to October 2021 reached 1390 categories.
    Note: 1) China Consumer Product Information Network uses products with the same main circuit layout, the same light source, and the same battery category as a certification unit. 2) The above data is a product that has been certified as dead as October 15, 2021.
    This fire emergency lighting lamp industry has entered a high -speed growth stage
    In recent years, the development of the domestic fire protection industry has been highly valued by the government level, prompting the market demand for the fire emergency lighting lamp industry to grow rapidly. Judging from the growth of fire emergency lighting lamps for industry representative companies in 2020, the growth of related business revenue of the left -hand lighting, Guangdong Shengshi, and Simo Electric has increased by more than 30%.
    In the market research of the entire fire emergency lighting and intelligent evacuation system industry, before 2020, the market size of the national fire emergency lighting industry was below 3 billion yuan. Driven by industry policy in 2020, China Fire Emergency Lighting Lighting The size of the lamps has exceeded 6 billion yuan, and the growth rate exceeds 130%. The domestic fire emergency lighting lamp industry has entered a stage of rapid development.
    It data refer to the Foresight Industry Research Institute "China Fire Emergency Lighting Lighting Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report"

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