Who can add me to the short number cluster network in Guangzhou

3 mobile phone numbers. Don't answer the handling fee
I know what to do, because no friends have joined.

1 thought on “Who can add me to the short number cluster network in Guangzhou”

  1. If you already have a friend A who has joined a short cluster network, so that you can handle it through SMS applications. The specific instructions are:
    DHSQ#A's mobile phone number#your name#5
    sent to 10086 to apply for Guangzhou.com. If you want to apply for the provincial network It's right. In addition, you need your friend A to pay attention to the SMS within 48 hours to help you confirm.
    If a friend does not have a short number, then I recommend you to apply for Happy Online (Business Version). First of all, send a number of "BLSW5" or "BLSW10" to 10086 to apply for a happy online. The other two numbers can be added to this joy online. Happy online you can choose to take effect that month or take effect on the 1st of next month. If the former is selected, every time you add the number in the future, you can get free and free of free after 24 hours. It should be reminded that it is now 28th. If you choose to take effect this month, you can fight each other after deduction tomorrow, but each deduction will be on the 1st month every month.
    haha, I hope to help you.

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