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  1. Refuse the fertilizer pesticide genetically modified, good people, good water, good soil and good ingredients
    Lingwu organic farm documentary
    what is the most important crisis in contemporary China
    The widespread use of chemical fertilizer pesticide additives in the last two or three decades The flooding of genetically modified genes has led to a sharp decline in national physique. Hospitals are overcrowded. Hypertension, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other chronic diseases have high incidence. Children have jaundice from birth. Young people are infertile. , Children's tumors, early maturity of children, etc. are also common! China's food safety has reached the situation of collapse! National constitution is already very weak! People take food as the sky! Let the agriculture return to traditional farming, refuse pesticide fertilizer genetically modified, and boost that the national physique has reached an urgency!
    The origin of Lingwu Organic Farm
    Lingspin organic farm is the production base of the planting team led by Ling Wuju. In the delusion, Lingwu Jushi has a rich life. She can accept the information of the Bodhisattva to give others long -range and cause and effect, and use the Buddhist mantra to condition some people with some strange disease problems. There are other income channels. When you go to the countryside, you hope that in addition to enjoying yourself and your family, you can also share it with people to enjoy it! The farm is not strong, because the disciples of the Buddha are always happy. As long as we plant well, give our family a sip of tea, and share others with excess output. This is the origin of the birth of the Lingwan organic farm!
    The planting concept of Lingwu Organic Farm
    Lingspin organic farm is planted by natural agricultural methods to imitate nature. Few people interfere in nature, harmonious coexistence of various biological biology, and plant growth. Provide people with full energy food; in the Anti -Japanese War era, people use traditional farming, food energy is very high, people eat sorghum millet, and they still have hundreds of miles a day and night. Nowadays, young people who have respect for excellence are all weak, infertility, and abortion of pregnancy! What is the reason, it is worth pondering, it is the biggest reason for food problems! Lingwu organic farm is to change the planting method of pesticide fertilizers widely, without using fertilizer agriculture and genetically modified seeds, return to traditional farming and natural agricultural laws, plant high -energy foods, and give the country a healthy force!
    The planting method of Lingwu organic farm
    In order to control diseases and insect pests, we must first improve the soil, increase soil organic matter, and make full use of plant straw crushing fields to increase organic matter, without pesticide fertilizers, increase the beneficial microorganisms and insects in the soil and insects in the soil. Wait, use earthworm insects and other loose soil, harmoniously coexist all things, and raise good soil and water! In nature, a plant is rarely called the king, and the modern cultivation is planted in a large scale, which has created a good hotbed for pests and insect pests! People spray a lot of pesticides in a large number of pesticides. Natural agricultural law adopts a variety of plant intervals to form biodiversity, so as to automatically control diseases and insect pests and allow plants to grow healthy!
    How to distinguish between true and false organic fruits and fruits
    It fruits and vegetables urged with pesticide fertilizers, just like people eat hormones, although they are fat, but the tissue is unhealthy, but there is no fruits and vegetables urged from pesticide chemical fertilizers, although it will not not be able to use it. It is particularly fat, but just like the cultivation of a vegetarian person, it is fit and fit, and it tastes good! Really organic fruits and vegetables are not easy to rot. Some people have done experiments, using natural agricultural laws, ordinary organic agricultural methods, fertilizer pesticide and agricultural laws, etc. The same kinds The fruits and vegetables produced are dry and shrink, but they are not rotten. A little rotten fruits and fruits living in ordinary organic agricultural methods. The fruits and vegetables produced by chemical fertilizers and pesticides have long been rotten! Fruits produced by natural agricultural law can even be preserved for 12 years without rotting!
    If the supervision alliance mechanism of Lingwu Organic Farm
    Organic agriculture has become a consensus of everyone, but often applauded or not, because organic agriculture is difficult to plant, it is simple to do not need medicine, but it is difficult to weed in summer. The front of the grass is long in front of the grass, and now the labor cost is high. People are generally reluctant to suffer. If there is no faith for support, many people will certainly spray her herbysis! Coupled with many false organic organic organisms, the industry has made it difficult to build, and it is difficult to build trust. There is no trust in the organic. The price cannot be sold. In this way, the two sides of the pinch are really difficult to grow! In order to solve this problem, Lingwu Organic Farm has decided to let all consumers be our supervisor, and use the current WeChat group and other tools to allow all consumers to be in the group. All consumers can come to the farm to inspect at any time. Everyone In communication, everyone stares at the farm they consume, citizens directly dock the farm and gradually establish trust!

  2. Zhengzhou Maozhuang Vegetable Wholesale Market
    Green -Pinnal Vegetable Wholesale Base
    Railway Station take bus 91

  3. A few days ago, I saw an organic food report in the newspaper, and only the hotline was written on it: you call to consult,

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