Examination questions for securities practitioners

Is there any download of the real questions about the test of the securities practitioners? It is best to be from 2007-12008, thank you!

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  1. 1. Single selection
    1. Determining the securities investment policy involves:.
    a. Determine investment income goals, scale of investment funds, investment objects, and investment strategies and measures adopted
    c. Determine the specific investment assets and the investment ratio of various assets
    d. The correction of the investment portfolio and the performance evaluation of the investment portfolio

    2. There are many ways to conduct securities investment analysis. These methods can be roughly divided into:.
    a. Technical analysis and financial analysis B. Technical analysis, basic analysis and psychological analysis
    c. Technical analysis and basic analysis D. Market analysis and academic analysis

    3. When setting up a securities investment portfolio, individual securities selection refers to the choice of options.
    a. Prediction and comparing the price trend of various types of securities, select stocks with investment value
    b. Prediction of the price trend of individual securities and its fluctuations
    c. Perform judgment
    d. Buy or sell certain securities in stages

    4. The purpose of securities investment is:.
    a. To maximize income B. Risk minimum
    c. The net efficiency of securities investment maximize D. Maximize yield and minimize risk

    5. In the following market, technical analysis will be invalid
    a. Weak valid market B. Semi -weak valid market
    c. Half -strong valid market D. Strong valid market

    6. The self -discipline organization of securities investment analysts in my country is:.
    a. China Securities Regulatory Commission
    b. The Professional Committee of the China Securities Association Investment Analysts
    c. China Registered Accountants Association Securities Investment Analyst Professional Committee
    d. Committee

    7. "Market is always wrong" What kind of analysis is the attitude of the genre to treat the market
    a. Basic analysis genre B. Technical analysis genre
    c. Psychological analysis genre D. Academic analysis genre

    8 .. Which of the following analysis methods are
    a. Technical analysis based on the basic principles such as economics, finance, financial management, and investment science B. Basic analysis
    c. Market analysis D. Academic analysis

    9. If the interest rate, face value, and yield of two bonds are the same, the price discount or lift of the bond with a short period of time:
    a. Smaller B. Small
    c. Determine

    10. The yield of bonds decreases with the increase of the bond period. The curve shape of this bond is called the type of yield curve type.
    a. Normal B. The opposite
    c. The level of D. arched

    11. The annual interest rate of a certain bond is 10%. Based on the compound interest, the period is 5 years. When a certain investor is bought at the bond
    for one year at a market price of 1050 yuan, the final value of this investment is: .
    a.1610.51 yuan B.1514.1 yuan C.1464.1 yuan D.1450 yuan

    12. Which of the following is not an internal factors that affect the value of stock investment:.
    a. Company net assets B. Company profit level
    c. The company's industry is located D. Share division

    13. In the calculation method model of the stock value, the following assumes that the stock is always paying fixed dividends:.
    a. Cash flow sticker founding model B. Zero -growth model
    c. Ninjin growth model D. P / E ratio valuation model

    14. The formula for convertible securities is:.
    a. Conversion value = ordinary stock market price × conversion ratio
    b. conversion value = ordinary stock net asset × conversion ratio
    c. conversion value = ordinary stock market price/conversion ratio
    d. Conversion value = ordinary stock net assets/conversion ratio

    15. The conversion ratio of a company's convertible debt is 20, and its current market price is 40 yuan, and the market price of bonds is 1,000 yuan. The ratio of its conversion (sticker) is:.
    a. Converting ratio: 20% B. Conversion of water sticker ratio: 20%
    c. Converting ratio ratio: 25% D. Converting water ratio: 25%
    16. The following statement about the leverage of the equity certificate is correct:.
    a. The rise and fall of the price of the equity certificate can cause its purchasing stock prices to increase and fall greaterly.
    c. The price of the equity certificate is the same as the price of the stock purchase price.
    d. n
    17. "Quasal currency" refers to:.
    a.m1 b.m1-m0
    c.m2 d.m2-m1

    18. In any case, the securities market will show up:.
    a. Continuous, stable, high -speed GDP growth
    b. GDP growth under high inflation
    c. GDP deceleration growth under macro regulation
    d. Turning GDP change
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n19. At a certain period of economic cycle output, price, interest rate, and employment showing a rising trend, it shows that economic changes are at the stage of stage.
    a. Prosperity B. During the decline C. Depression D. Revolution

    20. Which of the following is not the characteristics of taxation? .
    a. Mandatory B. For free
    c. Fixedness D. Equality

    21. When the total social demand is greater than the total supply, the central bank will adopt the monetary policy of the central bank.
    a. The pine B. tight
    c. Neutral D. Elasticity

    22. Which of the following is not a macroeconomic policy? .
    a. Fiscal policy B. Monetary policy
    c. Interest rate policy D. Income policy

    23. The total target of the income policy focuses on the recently.
    a. Optimization of industrial institutions B. Coordinated economic and social development
    c. Balanced macroeconomic balance D. Fair allocation of national income

    24. Which transmission mechanism is correct? .
    a. The interest rate of local currency rose, foreign exchange inflows, rising exchange rates, depreciation of the local currency, increased income of export -oriented enterprises
    b. The interest rate of local currency declined, foreign exchange flow out, exchange rate increased, the depreciation of the local currency, increased export enterprise income increase
    c The interest rate of local currency rises, foreign exchange flows, exchange rates decrease, local currency appreciation, export -oriented enterprise income decreases
    d. The interest rate of local currency declines, foreign exchange flows, exchange rates rose, local currency appreciation, export -type enterprise income decreases
    n25 .. The main body of the stock market is:.
    a. Stock Exchange B. Securities Company
    c. Listed company D. Investors who are ready to sell stocks

    26. Industry economic activities are one of the main objects of analysis of the analysis of the industry.
    a. Microeconomics B. Middle -view Economy
    c. Macroeconomic D. Market

    27. Tao-Jones Industrial Index shares are taken from the company's company in the industrial department.
    a.15 b.30
    c.60 d.100

    28. Which of the following is not a Shanghai Classification Index.
    a. Industrial index B. Financial index
    c. Public business index D. Comprehensive index

    29. The state of movement in the cyclical industry is directly related to the economic cycle, and this correlation is presented.
    a. positive correlation B. negative correlation
    c. Synchronous D. Leading behind

    30. The market structure of the steel metallurgy industry belongs to:.
    a. Complete competition B. Increased competition
    c. oligopoly monopoly D. Complete monopoly

  2. I can tell you clearly that the problems of each exam are different, but the same is similar. Often one problem is packaged into "another problem" because the words of the economy often express dual meaning.

  3. Don't think about it, hurry up and read the book these days, so it's so easy to get the question, haven't you ever tested like that!

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