What are the benefits of doing WeChat mini -programs in the fitness industry?

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  1. "All the development of national fitness and competitive sports" and "extensively carried out national fitness activities and accelerated the construction of sports power", which undoubtedly brought new opportunities for the development of the sports industry. In today's society, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, pursuing beauty of beauty is pursuing beauty heart It has also risen, beauty, fitness is already the hottest noun at the moment
    The online application popularization allows consumers to get more and more proactive information from the Internet. Various group purchase websites provide diversion services for fitness clubs, but Now the cost of this service is getting higher and higher. The emergence of sports WeChat mini -programs will bring more benefits to more sports enthusiasts.
    With the strength of the applet, the club via itself through itself The applets can easily release products and promotional information, and independently realize the refined operation of passenger traffic. The applet helps fitness clubs to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, realize online and offline integration, use WeChat traffic dividend to complete the second Internet era second in the Internet era. Secondary change.
    M small program can provide a complete member mechanism, make reservation courses, discount interaction to bind old customers, and then supplement different ways such as the first order, experience spike, and time -limited purchase. Traffic resources conversion, low -cost aid merchants to realize channel expansion
    The fitness club has the income of small programs
    1. Use the small program to move the store to online The purchase card, appointment course, and participating in activities;
    to reduce the entry threshold to the club desire to realize the traditional transformation to the Internet, manage the multi -party data of users more deeply, and further improve the user experience.
    2. Through nearby small programs, users can discover club stores in WeChat, guide online traffic to the store, and convert them into passenger flow. Users place their orders through the applet to reduce service manpower;
    3. Collect potential customer resources. After the applet is authorized by the user, you can get the mobile phone number bound by the user WeChat. The club can use this feature to obtain the real potential customer data. Translate directly into orders directly in WeChat to reduce fan loss;
    5. To understand customer portraits through the background user data provided by small programs, use many functions and traffic dividends in WeChat to achieve membership management, precise news notifications improve the user, Stimulation conversion;
    6, small clubs lack advantages on the group purchase platform, and the platform needs to charge a lot of premiums. The development cost of mini -programs is low and easy to be available. Sex and lightwear, integrate offline scenes and online consumption, help fitness clubs complete the closed loop of full -business processes such as online and offline, ordering to pay, and payment to payment. Strive to use small programs to seize the market. And how big is the sports and fitness industry, you can see the gym that pulls guests everywhere on the street. Small programs can provide appointment services, sales services, etc. Or coaches, buying courses and annual cards, etc., these use scenarios can be imagined Very convenient and practical. On the other hand, the advantages that can be searched within 5 kilometers near the mini program are also very conducive to the brand promotion of the gym. After all, everyone must prefer fitness exercises near the house. The club has reduced the entry threshold, managed multi -party data of users in depth, and further improved the user experience. So as to achieve greater the interests of corporate interests.
    As the applet becomes more and more popular, the mini -program also becomes simpler and simpler [Quickly Application] Application] Application Tool Platform, Visual Editing Tool One -click to generate a small program source package, make a few steps of small programs, you can make a few steps of small programs. Have your own applet.
    In this article is edited by the rapid application applet development platform

  2. The benefits of doing WeChat mini -programs in the fitness industry usually are the following:

    1. Grasp the nearby traffic

    people who usually choose near or near the unit when they are fitness. Fitness venues. In WeChat, there is a "nearby mini -program" function that allows fitness venues to be directly exposed to the mobile phone of WeChat users within a nearby 5km range. For fitness venues, it is equivalent to grasping people around the surrounding fitness needs. rn rn2、转化率提升rn rn很多健身场馆常用的宣传推广方式是雇佣人员在街头派发传单,但这种宣传推广方式,转化率往往非常低,因为Many people do not have fitness needs. The applet can solve this problem well, because people who can open the applet have relevant needs. This is precise traffic, and the accurate traffic is easier to transform. If the fitness venue cooperates with some promotional means, I believe the conversion rate will be greatly improved.

    3, income improvement

    The fitness venues will often choose platforms such as teams and reviews in order to obtain more customers. However, cooperate with third -party platforms, but often need to pay a stamp and be extracted by the platform. But the applet is different. Except for the early development costs, there are almost no other expenses. In addition, customers place orders in the small program, and the fitness venues do not need to be extracted high commissions, which greatly improves the revenue of fitness venues.

    4. Increase the retention rate

    This program has very powerful data statistics and analysis. With the ability of applets, fitness venues can analyze user opinions and suggestions, thereby improving insufficient and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, fitness venues can also analyze user preferences with the ability of applet data to analyze and analyze the ability to analyze, so as to launch some fitness courses favored by users to increase customer retention rates.

  3. First, the WeChat Mini Program can fully display the gym's style
    The user can quickly find merchants through nearby applets. Merchants can highly match the characteristics of surrounding customers. Customers acquisition are very accurate, and they can get a lot of traffic based on WeChat.
    . Let the gym abandon the traditional card sales method
    WeChat applets provide more flexible payment methods, reduce the threshold for user use, and attract more people to pay.
    In the applet, a good fitness atmosphere can be created. Output of fitness soft culture.
    The same enthusiasts can form an open circle or private circle to facilitate communication with each other, such as mutual supervision of people with weight loss, increasing the experience of crowd, etc. The circle is easier to increase users.
    Coules can also publish fitness -related articles in the small program. The article is embedded in product sales. Users can click on the purchase while reading, shorten the purchase path, and drive the sales of other products.
    . The introduction of product services to users
    The entire process is convenient and fast. Customers can accurately find the gym they need.
    5. Settlement users
    member mechanisms with comprehensive mini -programs, convey the activity information to the user as soon as possible, and then supplement the secondary marketing of coupons, points, and recharge cards. Seamless docking supports users to buy and buy at any time, convenient and fast.
    6. Automatic positioning, make an appointment at any time
    In courses, find coaches, and immediately search for qualified venues nearby. Reservation online, no preparation courses. Through the Internet drainage, the brand allows consumers to go online to experience and order online, which will also be a major trend in the development of the industry.

  4. 01. Easy to use: use the code to use it, no download, no installation, which is more convenient than APP;
    02, potential users: share more than 900 million user groups, do not need to worry about the cost of APP installation;
    03, complete functions: The applet integrates the functions of pictures, sound ZD videos, geographical location, gravity sensing, QR code, WeChat login, WeChat payment, template message and other functions to better develop users; You can establish a link with consumers in any scenario, that is, go away, in line with most consumer scenarios; if you have missed the WeChat public account, then the applet must be grasped;
    05, your own traffic entrance is large: Such as WeChat entrance, small program entrance, search entrance, nearby small program population, QR code entrance, etc.;
    The advantages of small programs are suitable for all walks of life, convenient and fast

  5. The fitness industry has the following functions:
    1. Improving the user experience
    Whether it is online or offline companies, it can provide users with convenient services through WeChat Mini Program, which can make users refreshing. Experience the convenience brought by the development of information technology. Remove various procedures in the traditional transaction process and reduce the emergence of errors. Provide intimate services.
    2, better connection online and offline
    Wen online or offline companies, if you want to make money, you must have traffic. Through the WeChat Mini Program, the online traffic can be guided to offline, and the offline traffic can be guided to online. The user's docking is convenient, and the chance of consumer shopping will increase.
    3, faster brand communication
    Whether it is online or offline companies, the spread of the brand has always been a long -lasting industry competitive chip. The WeChat Mini Program has a convenient sharing channel and a natural 10.84 billion month -on -month work with the WeChat ecosystem. Through the existing more than 60 entrances of the WeChat Mini Program, a reasonable marketing management method is used. The WeChat Mini Program can be infinitely enlarged by the company's brand through division.

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