Where to learn from Nanchang Xuewei

I want to learn hairdressing in Nanchang, but I do n’t know where to learn. No one will teach me in the store

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  1. Now it ’s hard to find a job to learn beauty and hairdressing. It is recommended that you still learn a chef. Now the catering industry is developing very quickly.

  2. Nanchang wants to learn hair technology. Except for the new and good Hairdressing Academy, there is really nothing else, because I have been to the store, now I opened a shop, because when I did n’t go, I went to audition in Nanchang ’s hairdressing school. After a long time, other schools except for the new and good hair schools are theoretical, either cut wigs. There are real people to cut my hair every week. I have more than a dozen cuts every time. I can cut more than 30 real people every week. Those theoretical books. I hope I can help you

  3. In Nanchang's words, I still suggest that you can go to the school I have studied before, and I have experienced it for my own experience. I used to learn it for 2 years in the barber shop. No one in the shop boss and master taught me to teach me I asked me to wash my hair every day and sanitary. I want to study and say that it is not good. Later, I decided to study. I also went to several schools in Nanchang to see it. In the end, I chose a new good generation. Why do you choose them, because I do it in the store, it is very clear. Learning to cut hair is to get started. If I still wander me, I wo n’t go. After seeing so many schools, all of the daily theories , I cut the fake head model, I finally went to the new good generation to see it, and I also observed it for a long time before I found that they went out to cut the real person a week, so I finally chose them Good generation, after all, you can get started, at least I have opened the store now. Other schools, I hope to help you.

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