Famous mouth Morgan mocked: If Manchester United win the title, can give Ronaldo's medal to him

In this round of the Premier League, Manchester United and Manchester City, the focus of the battle has caused a lot of attention, in the first half, Manchester United on the away 3-6 defeat to Manchester City, Haland and Foden two players scored a hat-trick, directly let United lose the advantage of the game. This time, it was Manchester United who came out on top, beating City 2-1 with goals from Rafael and Bruno Fernandez.

Counting this game, United has won nine consecutive games in all competitions and moved up to third place in the Premier League table, just one point behind Manchester City in second place. win-win-win .If United can maintain their current momentum, they will finish in the top four again this season and qualify for the Champions League.

In addition, as United manager Tennach said, the season is not over yet, all the results are possible, which also means that United can win the Premier League title! With Arsenal six points adrift at the top of the table, it is not impossible for United to overtake them in the next 20 rounds of the Premier League.

Able to win 9 consecutive games in all competitions, the harvest of such amazing results, Tenghach must be the biggest contribution. Tennhage was criticised for not having a big Five managerial record at the start of the season, but under pressure Tennhage has given us an answer. Given time, he is confident he can bring United back to the top!

In addition, the departure of C Ronaldo, is also the key to the "rebirth" of Manchester United, if C Ronaldo is still a member of Manchester United, Manchester United can under the leadership of Tennhage, achieve such outstanding results? Apparently, that doesn't seem realistic to many fans.

After the Manchester Derby, Faisal Islam, editor of BBC Media, wrote that Morgan should be given a medal as a reward for his interview with Cristiano Ronaldo if United win the Premier League. Between the lines, it's Morgan who deserves some of the credit for the change.

It has to be said that the jibe was directly directed at Morgan, who is known to be an Arsenal fan, if United win the final, then Morgan must have a bitter heart!

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